Creating a better resource for podcasters—Podcast Stack

Podcasting is tough. Even if you follow the best advice available and create a killer show, it’s still a slow climb. Most podcasts end up fizzling out over time.

But too often they fizzle because of a lack of knowledge and expertise in what it takes to actually grow a podcast long-term. That combo can kill what might otherwise be a solid podcast. That’s a shame.

Today, I’m excited to announce Podcast Stack. A place to share knowledge, connect with others and learn the secrets to better podcasting. I believe this resource needs to exist, here’s why.

The problem

So much in podcasting has changed in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, much of what is written on the web about podcasting—stuff that continues to rank high in search results— is flat out wrong. Maybe it used to be right, but no matter how well-intentioned, it continues to lead new podcasters astray.

I won’t spend time debunking all the myths, but odds are you’ve believed them in the past, or you’re following their instructions now. I’d rather focus on what we can do to fix this problem, to enable the new generation of podcasters to be more successful.

Discovering the truth

There is no magic recipe for success in podcasting. Well, actually, there is, but it’s not an easy recipe. There are significant barriers to entry, and even if you build an incredible podcast, it may not pay the bills.

Let’s start at ground zero. Let’s unlearn everything we think we know about podcasting and start over. This is what Podcast Stack is all about. It’s about gathering the best information, pooling our knowledge, and building a home on the web for better podcasting. One that doesn’t require a thousand dollar entrance fee at the door.

I don’t teach people how to podcast. I don’t have a course on how to podcast, and my podcast is not about how to podcast.

Podcast Stack is about the community, not me. That’s why I want you to be involved. I’d love for you to share your experience. What’s working? What’s not working? What gear do you use? What is your production workflow?

And the one question everyone seems to be asking… How do I grow my podcast?

So what exactly is Podcast Stack?

We want to create the most vibrant community of podcasters on the web, but we can’t start there. First we have to make something people want to spend time on even if their friends aren’t there yet.

What’s the best advice on podcasting you’ve ever received? This is where we’ll start. We’ll be asking the best podcasters to share their secrets to success. From the gear they use to record, to what they do after they publish. Then we’ll publish this information as featured articles or ‘stacks’ on the site.

This will be our focus for the foreseeable future, then once we have people who are coming back to the site regularly (product market fit as they say) we’ll start adding more features to the site.

A version of what could look like in the future.

My promise to you:

  1. We will not sell stuff on Though we will probably do occasional giveaways.
  2. We will not make you pay to use the site. The site and all the information on it will be free. We will not promote another product or service unless it is something the community finds useful.

Let’s podcast better

If you say, “Okay let’s do this! I want to podcast better.” Then, head over to and enter your email. Currently, we’re looking for people who are already podcasters to help launch the community. When we go public, we will open it to everyone.

There will be opportunities to write, to share your best advice, and if you provide value to others, you’ll gain exposure for your own show.

Let’s discover the best information on podcasting—info that’s currently hidden behind a gigantic paywall—and make it available to podcasters everywhere.

So go to and sign up, then reply to my email and let me know what you think. As a thank you for signing up I am giving away a full podcasting setup to one person who subscribes before 3/31. Contest details here.

Go ahead and hit that recommend button and if this idea resonates with you, will you consider sharing this with a friend or fellow podcaster?