Creativity will become even more important in the coming years

Why creatives will be needed more in the future.

Right-brainers, your time has come–this is the age of the creative mind. In the not-too-distant future, creatives will RULE THE WORLD. — MICHAEL O. COOPER

Do you believe we creatives will RULE THE WORLD?

or have a better future than we might think?

I sure hope so!

I read this quote today and of course I felt hopeful.

I was also curious about the validity of it. So, I went to research it a bit.

I found out some very encouraging things from a few CEO’s about the future of creative people:


“…At the moment, the economy places a premium on less creative, more quantitative skills, such as mathematics and science. I believe that this balance will tip in the future IN FAVOR of creativity and the creative industry.“ — J.L. Henry

WOOHOO go on…

So, robots won’t take over most humans jobs in the future?

According to so many CEOs’ the answer is no!

“Some people think the creative industry will be immune from the AI revolution… They are wrong. To be sure, MACHNES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CREATE STORIES that speak to our souls any time soon, or devise strategy…” — William Gadea, Founder & Creative Director of IdeaRocket

I’m so glad machines will not be able to create stories. Aren’t you?

“As technology continues to advance, machines will fulfill many of the functions of analysts and actuaries. Skills that cannot be programmed into a computer, such as creativity and imagination, will become more coveted and therefore more influential constituent parts of all businesses.” — Ben Lloyd, COO of Property Moose

This is so encouraging to hear for us creatives who might feel a lot of uncertainty.

But there are parts of our business — buying and testing, for example — that will be overtaken by machines in less than five years. Low-end creative will be the next to go: display ads, template campaigns for local businesses. And I imagine there might be tools that assist designers –something like a grammar-check for design that asks: Are you sure about this color combination? You might want to check the title hierarchy. And looks like you have separation issues over here! Ultimately, design follows rules just like grammar does.” — J.R. Rowling

I was on the phone with a wonderful writer friend yesterday and he said this interesting comment:

In the future, people with writing skills will be seen as magicians.

WOW. Magicians?

How so?

We writers and those who are good with words will be so sought after that we will be a rarity.

OOOOOO nice!


My boyfriend designs websites for companies a lot. He says most any idiot can do it now, so his skills are far less valuable. Yeah it’s been made super easy for anyone to figure out how to make one these days, and for very little money.

“I was once told that any monkey can make a website. Yes, any monkey can also dig a hole and stick a plant in it, but that doesn’t mean it will thrive. Sun exposure, soil type, water needs, space required… That’s strategy. — Lisa Kipps-Brown, President & CEO of Glerin Business Resources, Inc

So What’s The Future of The Creative Industry?

I really am encouraged by all the news I am reading about creatives in our world. Our skills of creative thinking will be a major asset in the years to come.

Creativity is the highest form of intelligence and it is an intelligence not easily replicated by machine.

ROCK ON CREATIVES!! Let’s keep on having fun. This could be our time.


Michelle Monet has published 5 non-fiction books including 4 Poetic Memoirs.Her upcoming Memoir will be about her life in show business including her surviving domestic violence, panic disorder and a dependency on prescribed medication. It will be a story of redemption and healing. Coming Soon!



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