Crypto Contests: 15+ ETH Given Away

For all those that are still paying attention to crypto we have witnessed a very positive week! To celebrate the beginning of a nice rebound the Crypto Kingdom will be holding two unique contests (15+ETH Given Away)!

To join either of the contests below make sure to join the Crypto Kingdom on Discord: and Twitter: @JBtheCryptoKing.

The two contests will give away over 15 ETH in total! If interested make sure to get involved prior to April 22nd, when the 2 contests kick off!

Contest 1: The 3 Coin Contest (Pick the #1 Performing Coin of Summer)

This contest is very simple. To win you have to select what you believe will be the top 3 performing coins from now until August 21st. I will also submit my 3 coins prior to contest closing to see if anyone can dethrone the King ;).


1. Write 1–4 sentences regarding why your chosen coins can “moon.”

2. No cryptos under $4 million in total market cap (I do realize it may fluctuate over the next week, but do try to keep the market caps above this amount).

3. Submit your 3 coins here:

4. Make sure to participate in the channels (Contest 2!).

5. The “tracking” period will be from April 22nd through August 22nd.

6. The average percentage return of your 3 coins will be your “score.”

7. The highest 3 scores will win:

a. 3 ETH (1st Place)

b. 2 ETH (2nd Place)

c. 1 ETH (3rd Place)

d. There may be .5 ETH given for dead last :).

8. Participate in Contest 2!

Contest 2: The New Member and Discord Participation Contest

If the first contest was simple this one could not be more basic. Plus, this one gives away 2 ETH every month! Basically all you have to do is join the Discord channel and follow on Twitter (if you have one!), mere participation in the Discord channels places you in the running to receive this award! At the end of every month a “meeting” will be held among the top members of the Discord Channel (takes place in “King’s Castle”) where the top contributing members will be discussed and three chosen.


1. Participate in the Crypto Kingdom’s Discord on a regular basis (at least 1x per week).

2. Invite members to the Kingdom and explain the rules of our contests!

3. Be a positive influence in the crypto space. There is enough FUD.

4. Share your crypto ideas, favorite coins, and enjoy the Kingdom!

5. The 1st of each month will be when winners are announced based on:

a. 1 individual will be required to have joined the Kingdom in the prior month.

b. 1 individual will be selected solely based on participation and eagerness to help others.

c. 1 individual will be selected by the King for their exemplary commitment to blockchain and the Kingdom as a whole.

6. Prizes will be rewarded in 1 ETH and .5 ETH increments until 2 ETH is rewarded monthly.

7. Month 1 we are going to let the community help pick the winners and if it transpires well that will be the basis for picking winners for each month there after!

16 ETH have already been set aside for these contests (6 ETH for Contest 1 and 10 ETH for Contest 2) and the Kingdom looks forward to having new active members!

With all the negative market sentiment felt from the most recent correction in the crypto space it is about time we have some fun with discussing it again!

Now let’s see if anyone will be able to dethrone the King’s top picks for the next few months… this should be interesting!

To read the King’s prior articles, to find out which ICOs he currently recommends, or to get in contact directly with the King, you can on Twitter (@JbtheCryptoKing) or Reddit (ICO updates and Daily Reports).

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