Cryptocurrency And The Border

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Do you believe there is a difference between New Mexico and Mexico?

Do you believe there is a difference between Florida and Georgia?

Then, you believe in the power of illusionary borders.

And, you might be closer to defending Donald Trump’s wall, then you think.

I point this out not to judge but to edify.

I am not bad at geography. I am not ignoring the cultures of certain areas compared to others.

However, I understand the state separates us by arbitrary lines that hold power and hoard resources.

What does this understanding have to do with my theoretical support of cryptocurrency?

Because cryptocurrency is currently the only universal currency. Meaning, you can access cryptocurrency in any country on Earth. No other “money” can perform like that, because all other money is tied to the state.

Cryptocurrency is a step toward smashing boundaries and oppression.

So, if you philosophically believe we work as one as most social justice advocates do and for whatever reason cannot get into the streets, please consider investing in cryptocurrencies today.

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