Dart Framework ORM M8

Mircea MATEI
Jun 15, 2019 · 3 min read
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Another ORM? Why?

Targeted audience


  • DataTable
  • DataColumn

In order to ease the code emitting, four abstract classes are defined:

  • DbOpenEntity: non constrained entity
  • DbEntity: an entity with Id as primary key
  • DbAccountEntity: a user account template with Id as primary key
  • DbAccountRelatedEntity: user related data entities



  • softDeletable
  • trackCreate
  • trackUpdate

The options may be combined in various ways using | operator


  • name
    - purpose: to specify the entity name
    - type: String
    - positional
    - mandatory
  • metadataLevel
    - purpose: syntactic sugar to specify common use cases
    - type: int as combination of ColumnMetadata
    - named
    - optional
  • compositeConstraints
    - purpose: a fine grain mode to specify composite constraints
    - type: List<CompositeConstraint>
    - named
    - optional


  • ignore
  • primaryKey
  • unique
  • notNull
  • autoIncrement
  • indexed

The options can be combined in various ways using | operator

The primaryKey, unique, indexed constraints can be generated in a targetted way using CompositeConstraint


  • name — the name of the constraint
  • constraintType — the type of the constraint as enum with the following values:
    - unique,
    - primaryKey,
    - foreignKey,
    - indexed

A simple approach

A fine tuned approach





  • userName
  • email
  • abbreviation
  • isCurrent

DbAccountRelatedEntity implements DbEntity

  • accountId

Usage convention

All set? Let’s go


If you have any questions or you would like to give me feedback, you’re invited to leave them below, on Gitter or Twitter.

May the f-orm-m8 be with you!

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