Day 4: Building A Unique Agency — The Greatest Sales Letter & A Realization

In case you are new to this meaty little thread, I’m documenting everything out in the wide open as I attempt to build a very unique agency, work several jobs, and deal with anxiety, depression and fear of the unknown.

It’s day 4 of my new agency and I accomplished a few great things and one that is highly controversial.

Excuse me for a second while I digress. Everyone has their struggles and mine aren’t unique. The difference is in how you deal with it. Do you crawl away in a corner and complain or do you get off your ass and at least try. Trying can’t get anyone into trouble. So I try.

I’m back. Yesterday I dealt with feeling isolated and that hasn’t subsided but I cannot sit here and stew on it any longer. To be honest, I feel that will change.

Today was productive even though I’m feeling like I’m catching a slight cold/flu whatever it is. But why let that stop me? #driven

Let me start with what I did that was sane. Here in my co-working space we have a lawyer who does contracts. So I met with him and pulled the trigger on getting my first official contract drafted up. I got a great rate and even though I didnt’ want to spend the money, this is something that is critical. I cannot run a professional agency without legal contracts, terms and conditions, etc. He’s now working on it. I can’t wait to see it.

I decided to do something different. Why write out a cold email when I could something better. I decided that no one really likes getting emails from strangers who go on and on about what they can do, who they are, and why the world will absolutely end if you don’t set up a meeting. Screw that. I won’t succumb.

Here’s what I did instead:

  • Designed a set of slides that I will insert into an email; imagine seeing slides instead of ugly text
  • No more than 10 slides and all visually appealing
  • Crafted a format that I hope will really get noticed (I don’t know yet until I test it)

The format goes like this:

  • Establish a change or shift that has happened in the world with one single statement
  • Show how this came about (i.e., a mini timeline) so you can vindicate that it’s a real change/shift
  • Combat fear of change, or “loss aversion” by showing what happens by NOT adapting to the change
  • Now show the winners — those that have adapted to the change — how did they do this? Did they acquire a company? Create a new product? Service?

Note: In no way up to this point have I even talked about my agency. I am only referring to what we do passively and in terms of a shift or change in the world.

  • Next Slide. Show how things could be. Make some points about what life is like when you DO adopt the change that has happened in the world
  • The next slide is really tricky. At this point, people want to gush forth with their solution to the change. Don’t. Hold back. Instead, show what things where like in the “old world” and then using the features of your service or product, show how things are in the “new world”. I’m not even mentioning my service — just some of the benefits.
  • Next Slide. Provide some proof that your “solution” can get them to that point of where things could be. I used a few real pieces of feedback that I have personally received on the benefits of the service. I did this in the form of a quote.
  • Final Slide. I ended it full-circle by repeating the major shift that has happened and that’s all I needed to do.

I’ll post the slides once they are finalized. I’ll most likely spend too much time on them this weekend and get pissed off at myself for that.

There won’t be much text in the email. Who will these go to? Well, that’s another mini-battle. I need to find out the best way to do some “cold” emailing as it were and test test test. LinkedIn would be great but I don’t know if my slide idea will work. I’ll see on that one.

The Controversial Move

The controversial move was not the CBD drink I had today. In case you don’t know, CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it’s the part of cannabis that does not affect your mental state at all. It’s purely for calming your body and it’s sold in public (Well in Oregon it is).

No, the controversial move that I paid for a tool I will need but don’t have any clients yet. Some would slap me back to last week and say, “You idiot, why would you do that?” or “That’s not good startup etiquette”.

I know this. But first of all, I need this tool to provide the extremely high level of services that I intend to provide. I won’t compromise on quality, integrity, transparency and value that my clients will receive. I just won’t.

The other thing that happened is something amazing. I signed on the dotted line and guess what? Now I absolutely HAVE to keep going. Yes, it is something I how have nagging me in the back that will push me along.

That might sound silly and it may be wreckless but I will not fail and my clients will get the best services they have ever had. So yes, I spent money before I needed to. I broke that cardinal rule. But at least I’m out there trying something and not sitting there waiting for “the right time”.

Day 4 was productive in a strange sense. Now…it’s the part I’m scared as hell to dive into…sales. I’m good with warm leads. Scared to death of cold ones. My anxiety and fear are sitting on my head like a 10-pound rock.


Revenue: $0

Phone Calls: $0

Sales Letter: 1

Money Spent so far: $600

Advertising: 0


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