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Day 5: The Secret To How I’m Going To Build The World’s Greatest Social Customer Service Agency

In case you are new to this meaty little series, I’m documenting everything (and I mean everything) out in the wide open as I attempt to build a very unique agency, work several jobs, deal with anxiety, and fear of the unknown.

Well that title is certainly the longest I’ve come up with. It’s Day 5 of this brand new agency. You can read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 to catch up and get all of the drama.

Someone messaged me privately and said, “Hey, I wish I had the time to do what you are doing!”. I thought about that. Wanna know what I am doing?

  • Running two other side gigs that take up 85% of my time on a daily basis
  • Acting in local plays (it’s an escape)
  • Helping pay for my partner to go through his data science program
  • Cleaning my co-working space on the weekend for a discount
  • I go to the gym 6 days a week for about 30 minutes to make sure I am moving and getting my heart rate up for a bit
  • I have bills like everyone else

The point is, I’m not sitting on a bank account to carry me. I’m not living off of investment money and I do not have mentors. And one thing I defintely don’t have is a cushion; I am running on complete fear for my life each day because if I were to lose one of my gigs before I can get my agency to the point where it’s thriving and growing, I’d be sunk like the Titanic and I would not be singing that damn Celine Dion song either.

To be quite frank, I’m not sure what the fuck drives me everyday. But I do know that I cannot, and will not, accept that I am unable to build the world’s greatest agency. The biggest thing I need to prove to myself right now is that I can stop “preparing” and start getting clients.

The strength will be my team. They will come first. They will be the greatest asset and will be the real reason my clients know they are working with the right partner.

This is Day 5. And I’m working on on of my biggest fears: sales. I’m petrified. I am so afraid to put anything out there that I’m catatonic. I’m awesome with warm leads. I’m not with cold. And cold selling (initially) is going to be where I have to begin. I will begin with cold emailing. And of course it will be documented here. That’s for Day 6 where I’ll dive into exactly how I’m figuring out my target markets, what I’m preparing to send, and to whom.

I digress. Here’s why I am going to build the world’s greatest, most sought after, and highly focused agency around Social Customer Service.

Our Mission Statement

We help our clients retain and communicate better with their customers because: we ourselves are customers that understand what it’s like to have a good experience. We value personal attention. Our time is important and we want to do long-term business with companies that understand us, listen to us, and continue to stay with us after the sale.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Fun

Our Focus

  • Social Customer Service — Being the best at (Pre-Emptive, Proactive, Reactive) and always educating and learning
  • Solving real problems for our clients
  • Culture of innovation, diversity, equality, and teamwork
  • Contribution — how can we contribute to a better world
  • Smart Growth — never compromise just to grow

Our People

Rewire Digital won’t compromise on having the best, brightest, and passionate team. I am only the founder but that does not mean I have all the talents or answers. That’s what a strong team is for. When people feel valued for their contributions, their talents, their ability to help clients be successful, that’s when synergy happens.

There’s no magic bullet here. The real secret I want to share is doing something. That’s what I’m doing: Something. That mission, focus, people, etc. are the result of doing something. You cannot write this down and expect anything to happen until you put wheels into motion. I cannot stress how many times I see people talk about it, plan it, prepare for it, and do nothing. I know because that’s been me.

Stats so far:

Feeling: energized, afraid of sales, slightly intimidated, bold

Money Spent: A little over $600 to date

Clients: 0

Sales letters sent: 0 (see the correlation?)

Meetings: 0

The last three need to change. I know for 100% certain there are clients who need social customer services. We have our processes in place, our unique data-driven outcomes, our platforms, our experience, and talent. But if no one knows you exist…then you can’t really complain about no clients, etc. etc. [he says to himself].


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