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Define Your KPIs

Do you know what a KPI is? Do you know what your KPIs are?

Utilizing KPIs…

  • Employees become more aware and involved in the mission.
  • Efforts align with strategies.
  • It is possible to quantify performance and help workers understand how their activities contribute to the overall success of key factors.
  • Leaders can base analysis and decisions on quantitative data.


Let’s use a digital marketing scenario…

The Difference Between KPIs and Metrics

Metrics point to a gross number.

KPIs inform you of results that emerge from metrics.

Examples of KPIs and the metrics used:

  • Conversion rate: total sales ÷ total site visits
  • Average sale: total revenue ÷ total sales
  • Index of engagement: total visitors that interacted with page ÷ total visitors
  • Social influence index: total liked or retweeted posts ÷ total posts

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