Design principles that you should take care of

In order to enhance the user experience, there are many aspects of design principles that are used by UI design. This article mentions some of those principles that can be used to enhance the overall experience and design interface.

Basic Elements

The UI components use basic design elements like dots, lines, and shapes. A dot is also known as a point or a round mark. A dot is also a building block for any element be it shapes, textures or patterns. The continuous moment of a dot is said to be a line. So when there are points that are connected with each other, a line is formed. There are types of lines and each of them conveys a different message and emotion.

It depends on how they are used and structured. There are thick or thin lines and straight, curved, or diagonal lines. Any space that is formed by a confined line is called a shape. Lines are the basis of the shapes. There are many UI components that are made with basic shapes. Some of the examples of this are volume slider, search bars, windows etc.


One of the major and most important fundamentals of UI design is alignment. Alignment offers a sense of orderliness in any kind of interface. When elements like texts and buttons are aligned together properly while show off a sense of professionalism and will also look more clean and organized. Misaligned UI elements and texts will come off as sloppy and badly design because of the structure or the lack of it.

For instance, imagine an interface which has some text arranged randomly in different corners of the screen. This kind of misalignment will only make it difficult for the user to find what he wants. This is called the lack of structure.


When you try to combine different elements in a design you are often trying to convey a certain message through the design. You would require to apply more pressure in order to prove the importance of the message being conveyed. This can be done by enlarging text or keeping it bold. You can also simply put it on a higher location.

Users will normally read the information that is available on the first page and might not read information that is too deep-seated.


Contrast helps in giving emphasis or importance on certain elements. This can be done when you bring two different characteristics together, for example, light and dark. Contrast can be especially useful in displaying text.


It is important to see how all the important elements of a page a put together and their proximity must be considered. The information that you are trying to present must not look cluttered. When you try to present too much information at once it, here the user is given too much information to digest.


All these design principles must be taken into consideration in order to enhance the UI design for your website or app. In order to make your website or app easy to look at, you should try applying these principles.

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