Did you know that Angie could increase your income like magic?

But who the @#%! is Angie?! If you are a UX designer, I am certain that you are familiar with the word “persona”. But what about the others? Do you really know why personas are indispensable and how can they help you? Maybe this example will help you to understand the concept and how to implement it into your own business.

What is a persona? I don’t speak Spanish.

A UX Designer’s job basically starts with the creation of the persona(s). Without them there’s not much use starting anything.

A persona is a fictional customer type who will use your product, they represent the potential consumers with their own stories and backgrounds. The more trustworthy your persona is, the better your chances are.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the popular simulation game: The Sims. The video game’s objective is to create virtual people (so-called sims), put them into houses and help them to achieve their dreams and live their lives.

By the end of this article you will realize that creating a sim is reasonably similar to the creation of the personas. In Sims, you have to decide about the gender, life stage, appearance and traits of a given sim. Designing a persona is fairly similar to that.

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