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Didn’t You Use Business Intelligence Yet? You Need To Read It

Are we paying enough attention to Business Intelligence (BI)?

Does your organization have a position of Data Scientist or Chief Data Officer?

Executive management, operations, and sales are the three major roles driving Business Intelligence adoption in 2018.

Organizations who adopted analytics and BI apps reported improvement in business results.

Less than 15% of respondents have a Chief Data Officer in their organizations, and only about 10% of respondents have a Chief Analytics Officer, at present.

As of 2018, around 20.5 percent of respondents dealing with research and development said that their teams use five or more business intelligence tools, according to Statista.

As of 2018, companies with 100 employees or less are the most likely to adopt business intelligence solution.

Around 10 percent of companies will have profitable departments focused on “productizing and commercializing the data” they collect by 2020.

BI is getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

“Business Intelligence helps find answers to questions you know. Big Data helps you find the questions you don’t know you want to ask. ”

Major Issues Enterprises Are Facing About Data:

1. Majority Failed To Recognize Where Data Is And When To Collect:

  • How many transactions are made during the month/week/day?
  • Where are your customers from?
  • What are they focusing on?
  • Which of your product/service gaining attraction of users?
  • How much of the time did they spend on your website/app?
  • Are your campaigns successful enough?
  • Do you get the expected leads from your visitors?
  • Is there any product or service which does not show any sales during recent days?

You can’t afford to miss any new opportunity in this cut-throat competition.

2. Can Every Raw Data Be Converted Into Information?

  • SAP BI
  • Pentaho
  • Tableau
  • IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Board
  • BIRT
  • Splunk
  • Looker
  • Oracle BI
  • Domo

Why Your Organization Needs Data Scientist?

Only Google Analytics Is Not Sufficient: Here’s Why You Need To Hire Data Scientist

Take a look at the key objectives of Business Intelligence:

  • Enhancing Operational Efficiencies
  • Growing Revenue by Identifying Prospects
  • Better Decision-Making Process
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Reduce Chances Of Risks And Risk Management
  • Improved Customer Service

Explore Opportunities: Go From Data To Decision

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