WANTED: “Ride or Die” Person

I have one but she may not always be the best choice

How many of you have a “ride or die” person? A Ride or Die is the one person who you could call on no matter what time of day, whatever situation, the predicament or the place where you have found yourself . Your Ride or Die person will be there, at your side, to help you no matter what.

If I was to sit back and consider the people in my life, I struggle to find anyone as my Ride or Die. Sure, there are a few people who would come to my aid if it didn’t mess with their world. My daughter would be there for me in a heartbeat, as long as she wasn’t at work, or as long as the 3 hour drive between us had decent roads.

My good friend Lisa, would be with me as well, at any time or during any dire situation, but she is 6 hours from me, and has no passport. (Ride or Die friends need passports-just in case).

My partner Dave would be at my beck and call, if I needed him, but the repercussions after the event would be long lectures and “told you so’s”. I think Ride or Die’rs are not allowed to make you feel like crap for making a poor judgement call. They are meant to come and help you get out of a bind, and be the getaway car or the savior, no matter what the situation-without making it worse with disciplinary words.

My parents are definitely out of the question, as are my siblings. I have a few colleagues at work whom I am very close to, and I know ONE of them would make an effort, but she has 4 kids and has a hockey mom life-my asking her for help in various situations would be a major inconvenience for her, and I would feel guilty calling her.

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A couple of situations where a Ride or Die call would be made are:

> You are wearing white jeans and are driving your car through the mountains, looking at the scenery. You have a hot date that day, and are dressed in tight, casual attire to meet the person, have a lovely evening together and get to know each other. You get about 2 hours from home and your menstrual cycle comes on with a vengeance, covering your white jeans in a dark red mess.


> You are in another country and your wallet is stolen-complete with Credit Cards, Passport and all of your cash. The reason your are in another country is to get away from everyone and everything, and no one knows where you are.


>You are out with friends for a drink and end up going home with a friend of your friend, staying the night at their place. You woke up in a blur, and have no idea what part of the city you are in. You can’t even remember the name of the person you woke up next to. You can hear the person in the shower, and you panic, as you left your vehicle at the bar the night before. You just want to escape the awkward situation.


These are situations that could apparently happen to anyone. I seriously don’t know who I would see as responsible enough, or stable enough, to call for help in any of these situations. There are so many other predicaments we can get in where we need to make “the call” for help.

Ride or Die people are such a buzz word these days. You hear it on TV shows often and radio shows. We have a local radio station here that has a morning show revolving around the concept-A caller calls in, and “fakes” a problem to their Ride or Die person. If the person on the other end of the phone says, “I’ll be right there” they BOTH are awarded $1000.00. To me, it seems that if you are a fan of the station and hear this game being played regularly, you would always know to say, “I am on my way” in order to win the money, so it seems somewhat shady.

But, the concept is interesting. It provokes thought of your own life and who your people are.

For now, I am my own Ride or Die person. I have a select few I would call “in case” they could help me, but in the end, the only person I feel that I can trust to be there for me, no matter what, is ME. I will just work very hard to not get myself into complicated situations that require the help of anyone, but me.

Anyone want to be my Ride or Die? (Asking for a friend)

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