Do You Work Hard And Earn Less?

How To Earn More Money and Add Value

Man has always been recognized by how much value he adds to the world around him.

Slogging at your office job hardly matters to your boss, let alone the world!

There are umpteen examples of hard workers who are leading a stagnated life.

Though hard work is irreplaceable for literally anything in life, I can safely conclude hard work isn’t the key, friend!

Think about it.

If your current hourly income is twenty bucks, this money is in lieu of the work you did in those 60 minutes. It wasn’t simply given because you showed up at your desk.
And that work is worth 20 bucks, not more, not less.

No matter how assiduously you work, your payment will be the same.

The monetary reward you receive is determined not by how long or hard you work but by how much value you are capable of adding to the system.

That explains why an Anesthesiologist or a brain surgeon is the highest paid profession.

The brain surgeon might not be a better person. He might not be a very hard worker either. But one thing that he certainly has is the specialized knowledge and specific know-how that he has accumulated over the years with his intense experience.

Further, the fact that there are far fewer people who can do what the brain surgeon or an Anesthesiologist does, adds to his bonus points.

Conclusion? A profession practiced by fewer become far more valuable to society.

Money is simply a symbol for how much value each person can add to society.

Want to earn more?

Add more value to the world.

How? Become a more valuable person. Acquire skills no one else has. It can be anything, start thinking outside your core domain.

Not everyone earns great by continuing in their core domain. Also, it must be noted, your part-time job might make you better off than your full-time work.

Read books no one else is reading. Think thoughts no one else is thinking.

You will not have all that you want if you remain the same person that you are.
To get more from life, you need to be more in life !!

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