Dummy Guides for Newby Workers in Blockchain Industries

A year ago, it was the first time I entered a blockchain & crypto industry, and little did I know, it was a whole new jungle that I entered.

Oktafia Putri
Nov 6, 2019 · 9 min read

Prior to my previous resignation, I left the LIVE EVENT industry and its “wild” world with an article describing 5 main things that I learned from working in the live events industry. As a person who graduated from political science major, working intensively for a few years in the event industries taught me a lot about managing pressures, clients and all other high-stressed situations.

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Me with my boss while we were working on “Bali Maybank Marathon” event in 2017

Moving on to another job last year to pursue my passion in the marketing world, I finally braced myself to join the “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” industry. Little did I know that I would enter a whole new deep jungle.

The blockchain industry surprises me with so many unique things, unique terms that they use, and also unique communities that they have. Before joining the company, I knew almost nothing about blockchain or cryptocurrency. All I knew was there was “Bitcoin” in 2008, and blockchain is one of those revolutionary technologies that is happening recently and is really difficult to understand.

If you newbie to be working in the blockchain world, here are a few dummy guides that I would like to spill. Many of the tips are related to the different terminologies that they use.

Bounty, not Quiz

The first few months I joined the company, I heard them saying

“so this bounty program that we’re running will be about…”

then it got me thinking, “what did I just hear? bounty? wtf is that?”

Number 1 newbie guide into working: this blockchain & cryptocurrency industry uses a lot of weird terminologies.

Instead of saying it as “Quiz” or a “Campaign” or a “Program”, the people here choose to say it as “Bounty”. Like a regular quiz or a program, bounty usually is the programs that we set in order to increase our community outreach, our token use case, or our project’s popularity.

Some samples of Bounty programs:

If you happen to be working in the crypto-industries or in a blockchain project, not only that you have to understand what “bounty” actually means, you also should understand how it usually works and how people do usually participate in it.


Airdrop? Do I mean Apple airdrop to share files? NO NO.

So in the crypto-world, the rewards that we usually give out to people who finish or participate or win our bounty programs (whether online programs or in offline events), we usually do “airdrop” the rewards in Tokens (the cryptocurrency itself). Airdrop is the activity of transferring or giving some amounts of Tokens from one person to another. So it’s basically pretty similar to airdrop version of Apple, this airdrop involves transferring some assets from one party to another.

So now, me and my coworkers (who are also my friends) usually joke around when we’re about to airdrop some pictures or videos from our iPhones. We’re so “cryptonized” and always say “can you airdrop me those pictures?.. 10 TOKO Tokens ya. ehehe”.


In the Indonesian language, KOL means cabbage. I mean, literally CABAGGE the vegetable. And weirdly enough, people in crypto-world prefer to use the word KOL instead of influencers. KOL stands for “Key Opinion Leaders”. Sounds cool, right? Indeed it is. But for Indonesians, like me, who heard it the first time last year, it was kinda weird and got me wondering. “KOL? What does this have to do with vegetables?” Turns out, it has NOTHING to do with the vegetables or their familia.

Also lately I found out that this word “KOL” has been used lately, and widely enough, as one of the marketing terminologies not only in the crypto-world or crypto-related industries.


The first time I heard this word, was in one of our quick team communications and my boss told me “Okta, let’s make an AMA session soon this month”.

And I was like… “Wait what? AMA? Is that like AMA award in Hollywood or something?” of course not!

“No! AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”. It’s what you called as your “LIVE QnA Program”, just in another word”, he answered.

“Then why don’t we just say it LIVE QnA?” I asked (still persistent and didn’t understand why people here use weird terms).

“I don’t know! Well, it’s what’s been known here and it’s easier and faster anyway for us to say it. We can just say it AMA instead of LIVE QnA. The people will understand anyway, ta. They get used to it already”, he added.

Ya, the crypto-world people got used to it already, I didn’t (not yet that time. now? of course I get used to it already. lol). So, hello newbies workers in crypto-world. At least now you know what AMA that we mean here and you can prevent asking dummy questions to your boss like what I did when the first time you hear it from them.


Ooohh don’t let me start with this one….

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Some modification features you can do in Telegram group as an admin

I probably still wonder at some points, why crypto communities choose to use telegram as their means of communication instead of other platforms. There might be several reasons like how they can allow you to modify a lot of things in a chat group, and you don’t need to share your phone number or having the other person’s phone number to start the conversation.

There are a lot of things that we can do in Telegram, that we cannot do in WhatsApp, in which I can also probably write aother dummy guides about it. But shortly, you can also read about Telegram here: 11 Reasons Why You Should Use Telegram.

These features of Telegram, have a downside. One of the things that annoy me the most is: since people can choose not to show their phone number in their profile, so they can “pretend” or “become” anyone in Telegram. I mean, literally ANYONE!

This implies that Telegram is filled with a lot of scammers who pretend to be other people and try to fool people around and get benefits to it (usually they will ask people to send them BTC, ETH or any other forms of cryptocurrency). Take a look at some examples here:

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Example 1. You can literally choose any kind of name, or even anyone’s picture in your profile just so you have a profile that is not you. Usually, people do this so that they can participate in a lot of bounty programs, join in a lot of groups without being known who they really are, and they also usually spy around. (and you can use google translate to know the meaning of that profile’s name: Rakyat Jelata, then you’ll understand how that is not a real name).

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Sample 2: a scammer of me. lol.

YUP! Working in a blockchain startup company, and especially as the Community Manager myself, it requires me to show up a lot in our communities both online and offline and made me a target for the scammers to fool people around. This scammer tries to copy me from the profile picture, short bio, profile name, and username. The only difference is, of course, my real username that’s actually @okputri (with one “i” not three).

*I literally can write a whole damn another article talking about Telegram and it’s cruel world, but let me try to simplify it here. lol

Above all the things that people can do in Telegram, it relates a lot with its anonymity. And what’s worse about it? People can be REALLY RUDE and HARSH in Telegram. Since you don’t need to reveal your true identity in Telegram, people usually go OFF MILES and can talk sh**s in the Telegram group.

If you think that you’ve seen rude comments enough online in social media, you haven’t really seen enough because IT REALLY IS ANOTHER JUNGLE here in the Telegram world. So.. Be careful out there!

Last but not least what I would like to put about Telegram here is that you can really have sooo many accounts that you manage. I have a friend who has 4 accounts of him (with many fake names, of course), and I myself also have 2 accounts (1 real account and another 1 to…you know. I do spy around also) ;) How can that possibly happen? It’s because, in order to register an account or log in to an account, you only need to use the particular phone number that you use, to receive the OTP code. Once you log in, you’ll be logged in forever and the number that you use to register does not need to always be active. Isn’t it amazing for the stalkers? ;) Also if you’re thinking or reading about clicking farm, the scheme is really possible with this Telegram’s scheme.

The Communities

Including scammers, I actually am so impressed and amazed to find out that people can really spend a lot of their time online and actually earn money from it. In the crypto world, the communities are ONE OF A KIND and the most unique that I have found so far.

Here, you can find people who are ALWAYS ONLINE like literally ALWAYS be there in the chat groups and engaging in the conversations. There are people who actually earn money by becoming bounty hunters. Yes. They earn money from following, participating and engaging in one bounty program to another. From hundreds of crypto projects out there. I AM AMAZED!

Seeing how cruel people can be in the online world, especially in the Telegram world, I am amazed to imagine that these people get used to it and actually earn money from engaging with this jungle. So if you’re new to the crypto world and even further working in it, you will find yourself spending a lot more time online than you usually did. You will find yourself on your phone a lot more than you usually did, and a rule of thumb of it is “don’t put your feelings in it”. Because you know, once you put feelings, you’ll get hurt by the cruelty that might appear there. (remember again things I explained about Telegram groups above).

But despite the downside, the people in crypto-world that are always online, many of them are actually those you can count on when you want to learn things. They will ALWAYS answer your questions and teach you things about the particular community that you guys are involved together, and also you can learn a lot more knowledge from them if you put a little more effort into it.

Learning it all together

There are probably a lot more things that I can put as the dummy guides into this world of crypto and blockchain, but I bet these guides are enough at the moment. Moreover, jumping into a new field of industry is always fun, right? Especially if you’re the ambitious person who love to learn new things while at the same time adding some added values into it. It won’t be easy but it’s going to be worth it. One of the most important supporting systems for you if you’re new in this field, is probably to be having a supportive team. I am glad I have mine! Not only that they allow me to learn as I dance in this field, but they also support me in ways that they allow me to put an outsider perspective into this industry, in order to make this industry become more mainstream and well known in the general society.

And here I am with this most productive and happiest team I have ever worked with so far!

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Oktafia Putri

Written by

A woman in tech. A life time public speaker, self-proclaimed writer, who loves to keep learning. A chairman of RUSSEAN (Russia ASEAN Youth Association).

The Startup

Medium's largest active publication, followed by +756K people. Follow to join our community.

Oktafia Putri

Written by

A woman in tech. A life time public speaker, self-proclaimed writer, who loves to keep learning. A chairman of RUSSEAN (Russia ASEAN Youth Association).

The Startup

Medium's largest active publication, followed by +756K people. Follow to join our community.

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