Emotional Availability in Relationships, and Why It’s Crucial for True Closeness.

Brooke Meredith
The Startup
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9 min readSep 13, 2019


image bu Hannah Busing from Unsplash.com

What does it mean to be emotionally available?

Why do some struggle with this more so than other people?

Why, with certain people, do we feel braver and safer than with others?

Is emotional availability something that can wax and wane? Depending on with whom we are relating?

Is emotional availability something that we can choose consciously to turn on or off? Or is it an automatic reaction, instead determined by past experiences and inner temperament?

Different people bring out and activate varying traits and alternate sides of each of us. As in, with one partner or friend, we might be one way. While with another different partner or friend, we may find whole other parts of ourselves emerging into the spotlight, to even our own surprise.

Every love, connection, and reaction between two people is different. Layered with varying nuances, complexity, and feeling.

All human beings have moments of emotional unavailability. This is human.

We each have periods of being distracted by other things in our lives, during which we might not be emotionally open or available to someone whom we may care for and be close to. We might be wrestling…