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Entrepreneurs: Take Vacations To Make You Appreciate The Progress

Yes, I Said That Right — Take a Break


Wait, don’t crucify me (yet). Hear me out.

It was 3PM yesterday, and I just finished my article. I looked at the date, and then it hit me hard — it was my last day in Bali. My 6 months social visa was done, and I need to make a visa run.

That’s why I’m writing my article today in Singapore. I’m here to apply another social visa.

For the longest time, me and my wife have plans of exploring Bali and the neighboring towns. For my whole stay there, I never left Ubud to explore Nusa Penida, Canggu, Kuta, or Gili Island. My head was down on my laptop day in, day out. I didn’t take a break to visit the beach or even try to surf.

Days were mixing up together that I can’t remember them well. It feels like a blink of time, and there’s no differentiation from one another.

And this is why I want to preach vacations and taking breaks.

We visited temples and took hikes during our first month in Ubud Bali. I even learned how to cook Balinese food, and took the time to apply what I learned at home.

But somewhere along the way, we forgot vacations.

When we still had day jobs, it was easy to disconnect with work. All the long weekends were marked on our calendars, and we would plan out mini vacations or fly out of the country.

This changed when we became our own boss. The days would get mixed up, and we can’t distinguish Fridays from Mondays, they became one and the same.

This is the trap of the entrepreneur. We are always on, and we forget to take a break.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

This is our battle cry, this is our mantra.

We’ll die faster than usual if we do this.

Taking breaks recharges us. It gives clarity to our work and gives us space from it. It’s a necessary evil — taking time away from your business venture. It also makes you appreciate the progress you’re making, no matter how minuscule it may seem to you.

This is how I felt yesterday while driving back home. I felt terrible for still not yet having any to show for with what I’m building. But what do I expect? One month work and I get a million dollars? Of course, that’s ludicrous. I have high expectations of myself, and it’s not helping anyone.

How long have you been building your business? When was the last time you took a break? What did you do?

The second quarter of 2018 is about to end in a few weeks. Make sure to get that out of town trip or beach time.

Talk to you soon my friend.

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