Entrepreneurs: You Don’t Need To Be Great At Marketing

Dan Todd
Dan Todd
Sep 9, 2019 · 3 min read

Entrepreneurs, you have so many awesome things in common with each other. You’re extremely driven, self motivated and are willing to do what it takes to succeed. You conjure ideas from seemingly nowhere, and will work 20 hour days to transform your ideas into reality.

But there’s one thing Entrepreneurs have in common which is not always a good thing: You all try to do everything yourself. Sure, if you’re just starting out or have a very small team, it may seem more cost effective to do multiple roles yourself.

And at first, it might go well — you’ll feel like a one person army. But in truth, eventually you’ll stand to ware yourself out and even your abundance of energy will fail. You’re trying to do so much yourself, instead of leveraging the resources that are readily available for you.

Marketing is one such role that Entrepreneurs strive to take on themselves. Some take to it more than others, but regardless of your marketing prowess your’re unable to dedicate a good amount of time and creativity to it because it’s just one of many hats you wear.

There is no doubt that Marketing is one of the most important skills to the success of any entrepreneur and any startup. It requires consistently, strategy and experience.

Whether you’re a natural at Marketing or not, as an Entrepreneur you need to strongly reconsider your role. What other roles and actions could you focus more on if you weren't doing Marketing several hours a day? In some ways you’re holding yourself and your new ventures progress back by trying to do everything at once — especially by trying to do the Marketing yourself.

So what are the alternatives? You could hire a Marketing team member in person. But as you’re starting out there may only be enough work for 4 hours a day — so you can’t hire somebody full time. You then have experience to consider — who locally has sufficient experience to be of use to you, but is also happy with working part time?

And the biggest barrier of all — cost. You need and deserve competent and experienced Marketing, but that comes at a cost when hiring a member of staff. The return on investment hiring a team member to do Marketing is very high, and making sales & profit early on is hard.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. You could instead choose to use a Marketing agency. These are ran by experienced marketeers, so you’ll definitely get what you need. And they won’t need 4 hours a day to do it. They’ll have the staff and resources to get what you need doing in a good time, whilst maintaining quality.

Sure, by the hour an agency will cost more than hiring somebody — but you’ll need less hours and you’ll get more out of your money — a vastly greater return on your investment.

See — as an Entrepreneur you don’t need to be great at Marketing. Leverage the experience and resources of a Marketing agency. And you don’t have to just use the one agency that is local to you.

The internet makes it easy to access so many reliable, well experienced and cost effective agencies — and 99.9% of all Marketing your business will ever do will be digital, so you don’t need an agency next door to you.

Stop taking on too many roles, wearing too many hats. Leverage a Marketing agency, and focus on leading your venture to new heights, supported by experienced marketeers.

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