Every Successful (& Failed) Marketing Tactic I’ve Tried on LinkedIn

There’s a lot of gold on LinkedIn if you know where to look.

Benjamin Watkins
The Startup


Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

LinkedIn is cringe.

That’s what everyone wants you to believe. The tacky posts. The spammy DMs.

I get it. Because I was doing the same thing. I was spamming everyone with LinkedIn messages a few years ago. I also tried to sound like a thought leader with cringe-worthy posts. I literally had zero idea what I was doing.

I was the definition of cringe.

But then I started to figure out LinkedIn. I learned from people like Darren McKee and Justin Welsh.

I learned how to optimize LinkedIn.

The Wrong Way to Approach LinkedIn

There are so many wrong ways to approach LinkedIn. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sending long DMs that have zero personalization
  • Sending DMs that are overly long and not optimized for mobile
  • Sending AI comments to every post you comment on
  • Writing content that has zero emotion
  • Believing everyone is your target market



Benjamin Watkins
The Startup

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