“Everyone Is Creative.” — Me

Being an expert doesn’t make you a good writer.

I used to think I first have to become a businessman so I can write about business. I thought I needed to work in IT to talk about tech. I thought if I like investing, I need to become an expert.

I did those things. I went and worked in IT, in private equity and I tried to found a business. But I never found fulfilment and I wasn’t particularly successful.

Once, a friend told me I lacked drive. I got defensive.

The problem was my motivation and my ego. All I wanted to do was write, to make things. I thought I needed a permission to create, I was longing for some sort of validation. I wanted someone to tell me over and over:

“Yes, we want to hear from you.”


Stop Judging

Just like not all coaches and teachers are not top performers in their field, not all writer and creators must be experts in their field. Just like teaching, the creative endeavor is something else. It requires a different set of skills and different motivation.

It’s about learning. It’s about growth. You’re observing and perceiving and feeling the world around you. You’re obtaining the content to communicate a message. It can be to entertain, to encourage, to teach, to think.

It can be anything you want.

Start Copying

The wise know:

Imitation is the sincerest form of learning.
Nothing is original.
Everything has been said.
Ideas are borrowed.

And when you borrow something, the nice thing to do is give it back, and maybe give something in return. The way you put it is enough. The fact you share it further is your something.

It’s your added value.

When you learn something and teach it, or when you think about something and give your opinion, that’s you. That is enough.

We want to hear what you have to say.

It’s #vlogtober

Thank you so much for reading. I strive to get your day a little better by exploring your creativity. Please share your experiences by reacting to this post. ❤️

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