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Everything I Learned from Being a Famous Teenage YouTuber

What life is like after growing up on YouTube

Me at age 20 posing for publicity photos. (left) Me at age 26 walking into work at Chick-fil-A. (right)

The Early Days (2011–2015)

Kevin (right) and Josh (left) captured in the middle of filming one of our episodes in late 2012
Us at VidCon 2014 in Anaheim (left), and just after receiving our 100K subscriber plaque in late 2014 (right)

Struggling to Stay in Business (2016–2018)

What Now? (2018 and beyond)

Key Lessons Learned



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Christine Zaluke Baraka

Writing has always been my friend. A way to calm my mind, discover my path, and document my life. By sharing my stories, I hope to connect & learn from yours.