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Exploring the Product Design of the Stripe Dashboard for iPhone

A behind-the-scenes view of how Benjamin and I build products


  1. An app you open first thing in the morning to quickly review yesterday’s numbers
  2. A way to be able to quickly look up customers, payments, and transfer information


Visual design


  • You want new cards to be opened in a way to show that users how they can be manipulated: slide open from the side with a slight spring because that’s how they can be moved and dismissed
  • You want an extra shadow when you drag a card to emphasize that you’re controlling that specific card
  • You want to move the other cards behind it forward when you’re dragging a card away in order to show their progress
  • You want to match the velocity of the card being thrown away to the velocity of the deck moving forward so that it’s clear the actions are connected
  • You want cards farther back to be darker like they would be in real life
Toggling the actions menu (we did a HTML/CSS prototype)
Changing time periods in the graph view
For the startup animation, we did a few prototypes in HTML/CSS and After Effects.

UI Implementation

Push Notifications

  • Daily summary: a quick look at your sales and new customers from yesterday when you wake up in the morning.
  • New payments and new customers: for small businesses, it’s really exciting to see your business growing.
  • Failed transfers: we want to make sure our users notice their transfers failing and explain how to fix them.
  • Account changes: we let the users know that their password or bank account has changed as soon as it changes. This allows them to react and contact support if the changes were unauthorized.



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