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Take outstanding actions on the right place and right time

Daniel Junior
Jan 4, 2019 · 6 min read

Around 4,000 BC, the Sumerians developed cuneiform writing. They used plates of clay where they engraved their “writing”. But they were not alone in this innovation, ancient Egyptians also developed writing at about the same time as the Sumerians. So … why did they invent writing? Need for communication only? Maybe motivated by ambition too. Writing is the representation of human thought and language through symbols. It was a decisive invention for the history of mankind that provides this present communication between you and me.

Without the writing you, dear reader, would be unable to read the words that your eyes are following on your cell phone, lap top or desk top. Without the writing I would be unable to to give you any kind of information. Without the writing the learning of humanity should be passed to future generations by telling. A word, phrase, paragraph or book when well written and rich in content can reach countless generations in the world. However, outstanding actions are necessary to arouse interest in being registered. And to carry out such actions is required ambition … but not in anywhere or anytime.

It is not valid to write anywhere/anytime and much less to write about anything. How much is valuable a rich well-written text stored in a drawer? Nothing! How much is valuable a brilliant action seen by nobody? Nothing! If no one had “seen” Jesus after his death and no one had written about it … maybe the Christianity would not exist! But the events of Christianity happened in the right place and right time … around the Roman empire, the center of the world’s attention at that time!

Outstanding actions must have audience and must be written by someone or recorded in video by someone [taking into consideration today’s technology]. But such actions must be performed in a specific place in due time, where they can become the beginning of a “butterfly effect” … a place and time that I call of ROSETTA stone!

In its literal sense, the ROSETTA stone is a fragment of a Ancient Egypt rock whose inscription shows a decree promulgated in 196 BC, in the name of the king Egypt Ptolemy V, that was registered in three paragraphs with the same text in the hieroglyphic, demotic and ancient Greek. These text in different languages was crucial to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In its metaphorical sense, the ROSETTA stone would be a place and time to act in an extraordinary way, a right place and right time to begin a “butterfly effect” that must be accompanied and written about it.

Many people do daily outstanding actions but not on a “stage” of visibility, on a ROSETTA stone. Many of them are not even looking for a stage, they only do. There are many talents scattered around the world, but few of them shine. Hence the importance of knowing where and when to act! Some people are on the right place and right time [ROSETTA stone] but do not act in an extraordinary way.

Martin Luther King was not the only one fighting for the rights of blacks; Steve Jobs was not the only one building a personal computer; the Wright brothers were not the only ones wishing to fly on a revolutionary platform … but they found the right place and right time to spread their work. They found their ROSETTA stone.

In may 1740, the Prussian king Frederick II The Great ascended the throne at age 28 and as first audacious actions he added 10,000 men to the powerful army forged by his father, claimed the rights of Prussia over some cities and openly challenged the authority of the empress Maria Teresa of Austria over the rest of Germany. On December 13, 1740, Frederick II offered a great festivity in his palace. The next day, without sleep, he went to battle and won … so began the expansion of Prussia. In short, Frederick took his ROSETTA stone and turned the Germany into a superpower. Once he stated “my interest is to put my name in the history” … this is ambition, the main condition to find the ROSETTA stone.

Julius Caesar, before being emperor, cried at the foot of the statue of Alexander The Great. He realized that the king of the Macedonian had reached a great empire at younger age and Caesar, by the age of 40, had not yet achieved his own empire. But Caesar’s ambition to be the first in Rome was so great that he found his ROSETTA stone and registered his name in the history. Today we have the July month of the calendar in his honor; the name Caesar became synonymous of emperor even in other languages ​​like kaiser and czar, in German and Russian respectively; even the way how Julio Caesar was born became a landmark: cesarean childbirth.

Why not try to do the best? Why not try to do outstanding actions? Why not try to write your name in the history? The kind of history of each one depends on the size of the individual ambition. Some may become “famous” in the history of family, school, neighborhood, work, state, country or world. Since when the writing appeared this possibility of famous registration opened for all! Some grab this opportunity, others do not. Some can easily see the right place and the right time to act, others do not … but you must have ambition! So to deny own ambition is to refuse to live in fullness! The worker that does not desire the highest post of his work, the athlete that does not want to be the champion, the writer that does not want to have his/her book among the best sellers … has a projection of life without fullness. Ambition the best, but do not forget to find your ROSETTA stone, the right place and right time to act! The pursuit for this is in your hands!

___________ S Q N Mind ___________

The text above is another example of the Sine Qua Non Mind — SQNMind — as I wrote earlier on the MEDIUM website (Maybe the website MEDIUM be your ROSETTA stone :) The SQNMind theory seeks to extract the best from each book you read. The theory consists to extract the most interesting book passages into “essential” [Sine Qua Non] categories for your mind. This will transform your brain into an ocean of raw knowledge ready to be adapted to your reality under any circumstances.

So to better explain the theory I wrote up little explanations inside the AMBITION CATEGORY, one of twenty that I developed after years of reading. As IMPETUS I used Frederick II The Great and Julius Caesar.

Separate book passages! You do not need to write about them as I did above, just read them as many times as you can. A person with SNQMind has a good chance of succeeding in different areas when compared to those who do not read or read and do not keep the lessons learned.

This was Chapter 3 / Scene 7, AMBITION. Next scene will be about PASSION. But if you missed the last full chapter regarding SQNMind theory click on MIND THE GAP .


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