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Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Whether it is the end of a long week or your brain is just fried after a stressful day, the thought of coming up with inspiration for new projects or new jobs can sometimes be daunting. These are the times when you have to look in the most unlikely of spaces to get a spark of inspiration. So rather than sitting at your desk and trying to rack your brain for just the perfect idea, take a walk, smell some fresh air and go to some unexpected places to come up with ideas that may just be the winner.

Though the idea of thinking about work in some of your favourite non-work-related places can be unpleasant for some sometimes, they are all it takes to get your brain on a new wave to come up with ideas that you would not have come up with sitting in front of a boring desk.

During your commute

While many people use their commute to catch up on sports radio, listen to audiobooks or just jam out to music, this can be a very valuable time spent towards brainstorming for work. While you’re driving to work or driving home from work thinking about that as extra time to think about new ideas and brainstorming for upcoming projects.

Even if you view your commute as a time to do whatever you feel like rather than stressing about work, you may find inspiration in the things you normally do during your commute such as an interesting news topic on the radio, a song lyric that gets you thinking or even just Billboards and signs you pass along your way.

During leisure time spent reading books

Reading books can be a huge inspiration for just about every facet of life. Frequently people turn to books when they want to be transported to another world or think of a new vacation destination or personal life goals. But books can also be a great source of inspiration for career and workplace goals. It doesn’t even have to be a book related to your field or the specific job you are doing. Books can provide inspiration just by getting the wheels turning and providing a different perspective to things you normally look at a certain way.

That aside, if you do choose to read books regarding to your particular career or field, they have the potential to offer not only new perspective into your current way of thinking about the way you do your job but can also provide ideas and improvements to your existing performance. In addition to that, if you are learning more about your field and constantly improving yourself, it is only a matter of time before you start brainstorming new and wonderful ideas.

While relaxing in a hot tub or on a beach

Now not many people want to think about work when they are in a serene place like relaxing in a hot tub or lounging on a beach. But work is often the reason that you need that time to relax at those places so it has the potential to clear your mind and give you new ideas that could ultimately make your work experience less stressful. These are the places where you can focus on nothing and let your mind wander into places that it normally isn’t able to visit during typical work hours.

You do not have to spend your entire time in these relaxing places thinking about work but they can be a great asset to clearing your mind to allow you to come up with just the idea you needed. There’s also the added benefit of looking out at a vast landscape such as the ocean or wherever you find relaxing that can bring your mind to new ideas because of the serenity.

While doing housework or chores

During time spent doing housework such as vacuuming or yard work like mowing, your mind can wander many places and this repetitive motion can help your mind to be inspired to come up with new ideas. Especially when it is an activity you are very familiar with doing, this allows your mind to focus on something else while still being productive in your own home. Even small things in your house or animals you see in your yard can be used for inspiration.

Many people also listen to the radio or to music while they are doing mundane activities in their household. This can be a great time to tune into some podcasts that may pertain to your field and help inspire you towards coming up with a new idea. It is a great way to educate yourself and to make yourself a more valuable team player in the workplace while accomplishing those boring household necessities.

Chatting with friends and family

While it may be logical to talk to colleagues who are familiar with your field and with how your particular workplace functions, sometimes it helps to hear an outside perspective and get other people’s views on what you are doing. They are often able to view something from an objective perspective because they are familiar with the ins and outs of what you were actually doing. For people who are constantly involved in your field such as your colleagues, they can get very subjective and focused on what in particular they would like to see happen, making it hard to come up with new ideas outside of the bubble.

Chatting with your friends and family can prove to be a very valuable resource to coming up with new ideas, hearing new perspectives and becoming a champion at new ideas.

When it comes to brainstorming new ideas and finding inspiration in the world around you, pretty much anything can be your inspiration. A lot of the times it simply comes down to clearing your mind, stopping to take a breath, and looking at something in a way you wouldn’t have normally looked at it. Just because you’ve been thinking of something a certain way doesn’t mean that is the only way.

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Vinny Galiano

Vinny Galiano

I am a Father, Husband, Entrepreneur & Investor from New York. President at The Galiano Group. I create brands & help others build theirs. Twitter @VinnyGaliano