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Five Principles That Guide Our Brand Ethos in Storytelling

By John Streit, Managing Editor and Writer, Operation Smile

A man filming at an outdoor market in Ghana.
The outdoor market we were filming at was much like this one in Assin Prasu, Ghana.
Three men walk through a market with posters.
I applied lessons learned from my earlier experience in Ghana when I returned to develop a story on Clement Ofosuhemeng’s (center) grassroots patient recruitment campaign.

While editing or writing a story, I’m vigilant against perpetuating cultural or socioeconomic stereotypes that the nonprofit sector has fostered for decades.

Two men filming two people being interviewed on camera.
Understanding my responsibilities as an ethical storyteller, to shine the spotlight on the true heroes of the story, is critical.

That’s why we’ve developed editorial standards that strikes through terms like “cleft patient” and replaces it with “a person who was born with a cleft lip.”

A family in India smile at the camera.
Rahki and Milon care for their son Shyam the same way that I care for my daughter. It’s my job to convey their devotion and make an empathetic connection for our readers.

The reality is that without our patients’ and their families’ trust in us and their commitment to persevere through tremendous adversity, our work simply wouldn’t be possible.

A boy with a purple balloon sits on his father’s lap while he’s being interviewed by a woman.
Here my colleague Assistant Production Manager Alison Smyth interviews Jhone Leandro and his father in Brazil. She’s following up with the family to see how their lives have been impacted after receiving surgery.
A mother puts her daughter to bed while a videographer captures the moment.
A behind the scenes look at the filming of Mariana and Ramata’s story in their home in Ghana.

But the true test of an ethical story is if the people it’s about are proud of it when they read or see it.

Three people sit on a bench looking at a flip book of photos.
Before her surgery, Faustina and her family look at photos of our patients who have received surgery.
Headshot of Operation Smile Managing Editor and Writer John Streit



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