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Five Programming Projects Every Programmer MUST DO

Here are some amazing Programming Project Ideas every programmer must TRY out.

Programming has come so far since the ancient times of writing in Binary. A lot can be achieved by programming nowadays and it is very enjoyable to learn. If you have free time on your hands, learn to program.

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Here are 5 Different projects you should do as a programmer.

1. Build a Web Scraper

A web scraper is kind of a bot which can extract data from websites and the programmer can use that data elsewhere.

Scraping Google for the latest stock information of any company is one of the many examples.

Building a Web scraper is very fun and enjoyable, this can be used to automate tasks like paying bills using your bank account and more. A web scraper can be built using Python.

Python is a very flexible and easy to learn language, thus many people can catch on very quickly.

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2. Automate Boring Tasks like Moving Files

If you are tired of having a cluttered PC, building an automated File Mover using Python is very easy.

As you don’t need any external libraries, just the ones already built in Python like “from pathlib import Path” is one, pathlib is the library.

The File Mover will automatically transfer files to different folders depending on the file type or date. It can also be made more advanced and rename the files accordingly, this can keep your folders clutter free e.g. your downloads folder.

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3. Building an API

Building an API can be very challenging yet enjoyable. API nowadays accomplish a great deal in the world of Web Development.

API is short for Application Programming Interface and they handle every user’s daily tasks on any website.

Java is a great language to build APIs.

APIs can retrieve youtube videos’ data or even get the latest news from searching google and then displaying it in your app or website.

Examples of some of the amazing websites that make use of APIs are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

APIs are used by the biggest companies to handle clients from all over the world. A few of the many API usages of these BIG companies are:

  1. Getting results for a Google search.
  2. Loading new content when the client refreshes any app or website such as Youtube and Facebook.
  3. Submits every form on all the websites, like booking a plane ticket online.
  4. And MORE.

4. Make a Website

Building a website can be very enjoyable as a website can be made for your favourite hobby to showcase your love for that hobby to the world. It doesn’t matter if that’s love for cycles, hiking, camping or just a CV for job interviews.

A website can showcase your designing capabilities to the world. Showcasing your details on a website as a CV can be astounding on any interview.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is very easy to learn and is the cornerstone of every website.

You can build custom API’s and integrate it into your website which can then do a lot of amazing things for your users.

5. Making an App

App making can be very exciting due to the fact that it’s the most popular nowdays in the world of tech.

Millions of apps have been created by talented people, from games to productivity to communicating apps.

Every great idea can be made into an app, which will then be used by millions of people around the globe.

Swift (Apple apps) or Java(Google apps) are the two languages amongst many for app making.

In the end of the day, programming covers many aspects and can be learned by any individual who wants to learn something exciting in this pandemic.

There’s a lot of ways you can learn to program nowadays, youtube videos, programming documentation which is available for every language or even programming books(Hardcopy or PDF’s) are some of the ways you can learn to code.




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