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Five reasons you should embrace CrowdTangle for your business

If you haven’t used CrowdTangle yet, you’ve been missing out so much.

I was speaking at a digital marketing conference in Berlin last December about tools to track videos’ performance on social media. “Anyone here has already used CrowdTangle,” I asked some 50 people in the room. No one raised their hand. That was good as people would have been bored had they been told about something they already knew.

But it’s not really good for your business if you haven’t used CrowdTangle. It’s such a powerful tool that can help you monitor your and your competitors’ performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

Here are five things that you can do with it.

  1. Finding ‘overperforming’ content across tens of Facebook pages.
Toyota Oman’s photo posted after Oman won the Gulf Cup went viral

I chose Toyota totally at random to illustrate what a company like it can do with CrowdTangle when I spoke in Berlin and I will stick to Toyota in this story (if you’re from Toyota, get in touch :). I was searching for the top ‘overperforming’ Facebook post from across some 40 pages run by Toyota in many countries in the past 30 days. Toyota Oman’s post came out on top with more than 1,300 shares and nearly 690 comments. Toyota Vietnam could have posted in the similar fashion when Vietnam’s U23 team beat Iraq and then Qatar to reach the final of the Asian U23 Championship.

2. Finding the top Facebook Live in the past month.

Which Toyota team won the trophy for having a Facebook Live with the most interactions including likes, shares and comments? It’s Toyota Peru with a Facebook Live about the 2017 rally taking place across Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. This live broadcast for some reason also attracted a lot of ‘angry’ reactions from viewers and it’s worth finding out why. They could have asked the audience live had they monitored viewers’ reactions.

Toyota Peru’s Facebook Live could have been improved with better camera angle and position
Toyota Peru’s Facebook Live also got the second highest number of ‘angry’ reactions in the past month

3. Identifying top performing video content.

Given that it takes more time and effort to produce video content, you’d want to make sure that you get maximum exposure for your videos on social media. The top Facebook video from all Toyota pages in the past 30 days belonged to Toyota Brasil.

The 30 second video featuring Toyota Hilux was the overperforming video of the month

4. Comparing performance of different Facebook pages.

At the moment, you can compare performance of up to 10 different Facebook pages. This means that you can compare your own pages with your competitors’ ones. If I only want to compare the performance of the three Toyota pages above, this is what I get.

You can click on any point on the graph to reveal top content for that particular day. The peak in the graph was January 9 when Toyota Brasil publish the Hilux video

5. Finding happy customers to feature across your social media channels.

By giving weight to different emotions being express, you can easily locate posts about which customers are happy or angry. But it’s getting better as you can now search Facebook groups for happy customers. You can then ask them for permission to use their photo or video on your channels. You can even invite them to join your Facebook Live to help promote your products or services.

There are a lot more that you can do with CrowdTangle, such as monitoring media coverage about your company, but I would stop here for now. You can get in touch via my Zen Digital page on Facebook to find out more. Thank you for reading.

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