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For The Ambitious People Who Aren’t Seeing Results, Start Here

“A low-angle shot of skyscrapers in downtown Calgary” by Samson Duborg-Rankin on Unsplash

You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with the most

Toxic Comparison vs Productive Comparison

  • 🏃 Being extrinsically motivated
  • 😵 Falling for false definitions of success
  • 👍 Measuring progress with vanity metrics
  • 💰 Putting pressure on yourself by trying to replicate others results
  • ❤️ Being intrinsically motivated, and not letting external factors sway you
  • 🏆 Creating your own definitions of success and sense of what’s important
  • 📏 Measuring progress with metrics that directly influence your definition of success
  • 📚 Learning from others, instead of trying to replicate others’ success

Becoming Intrinsically Motivated

Finding Your Idea Of Success

Taking the Vanity out of Vanity Metrics

  • Salary as a dollar figure being used as a metric for professional success
  • Number of sexual partners dictating ‘romantic’ success
  • Number of books sold being equivalent to how well the author writes
  • An army of startups masking the reality of their success by reporting revenue without mentioning margins, active users without mentioning time spent in app, user growth without mentioning retention

The Student vs The Copy Cat

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