Forget Bitcoin, Attention Is The Most Valuable Asset

Why attention is in short supply and how the best Crypto projects leverage it

Jia Yung Lee
The Startup
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5 min readFeb 26, 2022


Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

The best companies build a massive audience. In a report released by Cloudflare, Tiktok overtook Google as the most searched website in 2021. This cannot be overstated, seeing that on average, each of us conducts 3–4 searches each day.

How did Tiktok overtake Google? Simply put, Tiktok knew how to attract and keep your attention.

This ability to attract your attention is even more important with Crypto projects. Why do Crypto projects live and die by their ability to attract attention? More importantly, how do the best Crypto projects do it? I explore that and more in this article

Why has attention become such a valuable asset?

Connecting and engaging with an audience has never been easier. Any brand can reach an audience halfway across the globe, at a considerably lower cost today compared to a decade earlier.

With hundreds of companies competing for your attention, you are more likely to focus on the brands you really like and tune out the rest. As you only buy from the few brands that you really like, attracting and retaining your attention has become more important than ever.

Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Source

For example, when buying shampoo, how many brands come to mind? Probably two, if you are an average consumer and five if you are really savvy. As market leaders maintain their lead in the minds of consumers, new entrants must find new ways to grab your attention.

The best performing Crypto projects master attention

Crypto users have the shortest attention span

Competition for your attention is the most brutal in the field of Crypto. As an emerging tech, Blockchain and Crypto have yet to deliver their full potential. Furthermore, with new projects emerging every day that tout “innovation” and…