Fuck The Fancy Tools. Use What You’ve Got.

Daily Blog #142

Better books than you or I will ever write, were written without the aid of a laptop. In fact, they were written without the aid of a computer at all. Pens and paper ruled the day. Humanity landed on the moon without Retina screens, believe me. Governments were toppled without Tom Cruise and satellites, albums were produced without Pro Tools and the best artists in the world didn’t need an iPad Pro.

That’s not to criticise any of these tools — far from it, they’re beautifully made, and they open up a world of creativity. But the truth is, tools aren’t the deciding factor between good and bad creativity. They’re just tools. That’s all they are, it’s all they’ll ever be. What matters is the driving force behind them.

I think sometimes the reliance on tools that we see today is a crutch, an excuse. I can’t possibly draw like you, my tablet isn’t as good. I can’t build a startup, I can’t afford the latest Macbook. These are great excuses, because they present such a clear monetary and hardware based barrier that represents a defence of our own inability.

Unfortunately, once you start to question it, it all falls apart.

I built my first business on a loaner laptop from my mate.

I learned to write in a $2 notebook from Coles.

I learned to draw with crayons on the other side of each page.

When you accept that the only real barrier to producing good work, or founding a great company is effort, impact, input, luck and privilege (let’s not fucking kid ourselves) you’ll care a whole lot less about the tools you use, and a lot more about the output.

The best tool you could possibly use to get out there and leave a dent in the universe is the tool closest to your hand. The laptop you already own. The notebooks you already own. It reminds me, occasionally, of fitness. I could go out right now and spend a shit tonne of money on the latest Nike and Ivy Park sports gear, and that would be awesome — but it wouldn’t mean a damn thing if I didn’t put it all on and work out until I had a solid sweat going.

It’s the same thing with creativity, and with entrepreneurship. The tools are there. They’ll be waiting for you when you get there. That goes for your dream tools, your aspirational tools, and the latest cutting edge shit you can’t wait to use. But none of that matters until you’re getting output from the tools you have right now. So you know what? Fuck the fancy tools. Use a chromebook, a cheap android phone, a cheap notebook, a packet of Bic pens, the internet service at Starbucks, whatever it takes. But get some shit done. Because not having the best tools? That excuse won’t fly. 🍕 🔥 💯 🙌