Fuck The “Million Dollar Mindset”

Daily Blog #5

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

I’ve read every single post.

I’ve listened to all the podcasts.

And I’m here with an update.

I have finally learned it.

I know the secret to making a million dollars.

I know the secret to having a million dollar mindset.

Isn’t that incredible news? I know the answer to the puzzle.

💰 Are you ready for this?

It’s to always go to bed early and wake up before 5 AM.

But also, only work at night when everyone else is asleep.

Eat a paleo diet.

But also, fast regularly and don’t eat during the day.

Only use Evernote.

But also, only use a notebook.

Hustle 24/7.

But also, take weekends off to spend with the family.

Don’t spend money on fancy tools.

Only buy high end Mac books.

Be solution focused.

Be problem focused.

Only do what you love.

Only do what makes money.

Orient yourself only on goals.

Orient yourself only on Growth.

Put your startup first.

Put your health first.

Put your family first.

Put your customer first.

…are you getting the picture?

The truth is, these “secrets” are contradictory. And if you try and follow them all, you’re only going to wind up tying yourself into knots.

Most of the people writing these posts aren’t millionaires. Fuck, I’ll tell you right now – I am not a millionaire.

If I asked the folks I know who actually are millionaires what their secret is, they’d probably give me contradictory advice too.

Their advice is always going to be based on what they did, that worked for them. It’s always going to be based on the specific activities they went through to achieve success.

Ultimately, you can gain some insight from all of this information, but you have to glean it and sift through the stuff that doesn’t actually work for your situation.

Find out what works for you. Then do that until it pays off.

But ultimately, you can’t go through life worrying about a million dollar mindset.

That’s just a myth put forward by snake oil salespeople like Napoleon fucking Hill and that Rich Dad Poor Dad dude to sell books.

It’s about making millionaire status your ultimate goal. It’s about putting the emphasis of your life into the payoff instead of the product or the vision or the mission.

Most of the folks peddling and being fooled by millionaire mindset hucksters are looking for a short cut. And short cuts don’t make money, they waste it.

The millionaire mindset is a cruel joke. People talk about Steve Jobs’ billionaire mindset, and it means absolutely nothing.

Analyse his design thinking, analyse his business acumen, analyse his relationship with Jony Ive, but don’t look for some mindset you can copy for a cheap payoff.

All you can really do is:

🍕 Try to enjoy the journey.

🍕 Try to make the best decisions you can based on the information.

🍕 Look after yourself and don’t crash and burn.

🍕 Do your best to not be a dick along the way!

I’m not particularly interested in being a millionaire. Could happen. Might happen. But I just don’t care. The journey is a lot more exciting for me. I don’t waste any time on my millionaire mindset. I’m too focused on building what I want to build.