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Gary Vee Is Not The Problem

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Gary’s message is pretty simple:

  1. Doing the right thing is always the right thing
  2. Respect, patience and humility are key
  3. You have to put in the work (entitlement is fucked)

The Internet seems to think differently

Watch a video and then reconsider

“He’s not trying to get more, but he is desperately trying to get each of us to see more of our own potential”

Motivational quotes.

Fake Wine Business Myth

Image Credit: James Altucher Youtube Channel

The secret to Gary’s message

The benefit of helping people is:

  1. It feels good
  2. It gives you meaning for your life
  3. It allows you to compound your impact thus helping move humanity forward

The root of the problem

And it’s not Gary Vee…

The problem is this:

You actually have to be prepared to:

  • Make sacrifices
  • Put in the work
  • Fail a bunch of times
  • And not have all the answers
Image Credit: Jack McKeon

“I took a long, hard look at myself back in 2011 and realized I was a pretentious, arrogant, ignorant, asshole — that realization was far more powerful than blaming Gary Vee for my failures and broken dreams”

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