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A woman sitting in front of her laptop, preparing user research, smiling.
Photo by ‘DimaBerlin’, purchased on Shutterstock

Getting started: user research for rapid digital innovation

Is it an actual problem worth solving?

A comic of a product sponsor, giving his very detailed, subjective idea. A designer is advocating for user needs instead of fulfilling individual ideas
Illustrations: Pablo Stanley’s amazing open peeps, text added by the author in Figma

Start simple, do it yourself

A video call where people conduct user research remotely
Image of woman by ‘fizkes’, purchased on Shutterstock. Image of video call made by the author in Figma

Make user research a habit

A calendar entry of a weekly slot for user research
Image created by the author in Figma

Replace big studies with real-world experiments

A landing page where people can sign up for a product that does not yet exist, to validate the demand
Image created by the author in Figma

Make research a team responsibility

A team, clustering sticky notes during research synthesis
Image by ‘You X Ventures’, from Unsplash

Keep documentation lean

A screenshot of the app Miro, showing a user research and synthesis board where you can see the progress from many raw-note stickies to clustered stickies that form insights
Image created by the author in Figma
A screenshot of a Slack-snapshot of key insights for bigger teams
Image created by the author in Figma

Create a culture of genuine curiosity

TLDR; Summary




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