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Getting started with IoT Wearables and MQTT

How to make your own internet connected t-shirt with LEDs that respond to realtime data

  • Firstly an array of lights which can change colour
  • A microprocessor to control those lights
  • An app where users can set colours
  • A method of sending messages to and from the app and the microprocessor.

Making a wearable LED array

Addressable RGB LED strip
  • The price of the strip increases as the pixel density increases
  • The voltage — we want 5V for this project so that we can run it with a USB battery.
  • The colour of the ribbon itself — try and match the clothing you’ll put the array on
  • The type of RGB LEDs (some are RGBW which will require you to send an extra “whiteness” value in your code)
Diagram of sewn pockets

Controlling the array

Making a web app to set the colours on the array

name: tshirt
data: 001#aa00ff

Receiving data on the Huzzah

The IoTshirt in action

What’s next?!



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