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Getting the Most From your Competition

A “Me-Too” Coffee Shop in the Republic of Georgia

Focus versus Scattered Thinking

We all have experienced the challenges of staying focused and on task, especially those of us working in a competitive freelance environment. We can easily get distracted by what’s happening around us. Focus entails maintaining a singular point of attention, while ignoring extraneous information.

Excitement versus Anxiety

As a strategy consultant, before going out on the platform to give a speech to a large audience, if my hands were sweating a little and my heart was pounding a bit, I knew it was show time, and I was ready. It felt just like anxiety, but it was excitement.

How can we use our competition to promote focus and excitement, rather than scattered thinking and anxiety?

Paying attention to our competition will motivate us to become the very best we can be if we use competitors as a point of reference, not to emulate, but rather to enable us to understand what we have to offer that is different and unique. And of course, knowing that our competitors exist then pushes us to continue to get better at what we distinctly have to offer.

Grandson Louis, at 5, Ready to Go for It



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