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Git and Github: A Love Story or Something Like That.

Github Repo


  • Modified: File has been changed, but not saved to the directory.
  • Staged: File has been marked to be saved.
  • Commited: File has been saved.



$ git --version
  • git init — initializes a brand new repository.
  • git clone — copies a remote project to your local device.
  • git add — stages changes for a commit.
  • git commit — saves all changes to the remote repository.
  • git status — tracks status of changes as untracked, modified, or staged.
  • git branch — shows which branch is currently being worked on.
  • git merge — combines changes between two different branches.
  • git pull — updates local lines with lines from the remote copy.
  • git push — updates the remote with the staged commits.
  1. Create a branch.
  2. Add commits.
  3. Open a pull request.
  4. Discuss and review code.
  5. Merge.
  6. Deploy.





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