5. Gravity and the Secret Inside the Pyramid

Aug 18, 2018 · 12 min read
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To tell the exact time, ships sailing the oceans in days long gone had to rely on hourglasses. Regular clocks would be rocking with the boats on the water, and their pendulums would not be able to maintain a regular swing. Without the exact time, a boat could not navigate its way around the world in an accurate manner, be it day or night.

Every day at noon, the sun and the ship’s position would be aligned, and the hourglass told the time from that moment on until noontime the next day. The chance that this occurred exactly 24 hours later is rather slim. Using the hourglass is a good approximation of time, but not one without deviations. And sailing for an entire day, noon time the next day is found most likely in a different spot on our planet, probably more than a few geographical minutes and seconds away from the previous bearing.

The invention of the watch made it possible to tell the time at any moment of the day anywhere on the planet, rocking boat or not. The parts of a watch are so minuscule that a balance of actions made accuracy possible; gravity has no grip on its functioning. Hold it upside down and a watch tells the time as if nothing happened.

Something similar is happening with the planets. Our solar system contains a plane in which the planets are aligned, better known as the zodiac. With the Milky Way as the backdrop, the plane has a specific angle. Yet this angle is not based on the forces associated with the Milky Way. Rather, the angle of the zodiac is self-based; it was created when the sun and the planets formed, and the angle could have been anything. Like the minuscule components of the watch, the planets are oblivious to the gravitational forces of the galaxy.

In this blog gravity plays the central role, while duality is further explored as the minimum standard for our universe. The secret that exists inside the pyramid is also revealed.

— — -

Let’s use North, South, East and West to work out the functional pyramid and warm up the mind for what is to come. North and South can be seen as the oppositional pair. Each of these two directions has a pole, whereas East and West do not.

Any position on Earth can be considered both East and West, although the specific viewing must occur from two opposite locations of course. The same can also be said about a location being both North and South, yet the two poles do end up ruining this effort for all directions. When on the North pole, everything on Earth is South only.

At the bottom of the pyramid, there are four directional positions: East and West, pairing up in a transformative manner, and North and South, pairing up in an ultimately oppositional manner. In top, the name tag direction can get placed.

Note how spin is a unique aspect that makes our planet have directions. In the absence of spin, our planet would have no reference for North, South, East or West, and ships would have to find direction based on a different geographical system. It would then be based on, for instance, the movements of the planets or the surrounding elements moving in our heavens. Fortunately, spin creates North and South, while the tilt of the spin creates summers and winters in our trek around the sun.

— — -

When standing on the North pole, a person turns in opposite direction compared to a person standing on the South pole. Of course, both are turning from West to East and only very slowly. But because their heads point in opposite directions, their actual movements occur in oppositional ways. Imagine two cameras capturing the movement of both people, perhaps in a time lapse video, viewing them next to each other, both heads up. What is up for one, is in reality down for the other, and their turning movement is therefore visible as oppositional.

With your hands stretched out toward a real or imagined person in front of you, and your elbows held at 90 degrees, twist both hands in an oppositional direction, like turning the separate warm and cold water knobs on a shower wall. Contrast this with holding your hands next to your body as if reaching folks standing next to you, elbows still at 90 degrees, twisting your hands as you did before: both now turn in the same direction.

— — -

As mentioned as a universal aspect, space, time, and matter contain separation at heart, and our universe can therefore be seen as an outcome that is fundamentally diverse. Structural diversity means having at least two independent components or positions, or said differently contain at minimum a fundamental duality.

For an understandable Big Bang process, a separation must have become possible in a process from which matter also started to occur, a process proposed and explained in the previous blog. To distinguish this theory from the Big Bang theory (though based on the same scientific facts), it is named the Big Whisper theory. It fits the idea that duality is the structural foundation.

Positional duality is structurally explained using math: 1 + 0 = 1 is a correct structure and it’s the first of two steps in explaining the nature of that duality. Imagine, for instance, the person once more who is standing on the South pole. His or her head sticks out further south than anything else on earth. The entire earth is therefore North-only (1) for this person. The position of the person can be declared potential in nature, because a minute later the person is gone, leaving an empty spot (0) in that location. North (1) + the specific empty position (0) = the entire earth (1).

South-only is found on the other end at the North pole. Its contrasting description also entails the entire earth. We can describe earth therefore in two distinct mathematical ways: 1 + 0 = 1, and 0 + 1 = 1, in which the 1s before the equal signs are North and South, respectively. While there is only one earth, we can declare it has in its entirety two distinct truths, albeit not true at the same time. For East and West, this option does not exist.

Consider ancient tribes meeting, sharing their travel experiences on this earth and their knowledge about the trek of the sun, discussing possible explanations of what they knew about their environments. With their experiences containing unique directions of either having been South or North of the equator, it must have been really difficult to figure out the correct construct how the earth relates to the sun.

— — -

To reveal the secret object inside the pyramid and bring the story back to the central role that gravity plays, let’s apply colors to the pyramid. In top, there is white; at the bases, four colors are carefully picked: red, blue, yellow and green. It may appear random, but red and blue are placed at the bases as the oppositional pair, and yellow and green as the transformative pair. There are various reasons to pick these specific pairs. In a rainbow, red and blue are found at opposite ends, while yellow and green sit in the transformative middle.

With paint, the three primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. Yet with light as the source, such as with a television screen, the three prime colors are slightly different, and yellow is replaced as primary color by green. What better way to say that yellow and green are the transformative pair in the pyramid? And that’s not all.

Yellow paint can get mixed with red or blue paint, turning them into an orange or green outcome, respectively. Yet when mixing red and blue together this creates not one but two distinct ‘sub’ colors: purple and brown. Perhaps in school we were taught that only purple would be the outcome; somehow brown didn’t make it into the curriculum.

Depending on the amounts of red and blue, the resulting mixtures end up being distinct in two possible ways, whereas mixing yellow with either red or blue delivers just one distinct color. Clearly, red and blue each can be considered to have an independent quality that prevents the establishment of a distinct, recognizable outcome when mixed one to one. With that particular pair, there is no nice singular outcome.

— — -

When mixing all colors, for instance on a painter’s pallet, the resulting outcome is rather colorless, something grayish, something between black and white. In general, mixing all colors results most often in a gray outcome. Let’s keep white in top of the pyramid, and red, blue, yellow and green at the four corners; imagine that the pyramid has a gray internal area, where all colors find their combinations. The closer to the bottom, the darker the gray.

In gray, we now have a cone shape inside the pyramid, its secret object.

— — -

In nature, one will not find a pyramid, except with perhaps the shapes of sand dunes that were blown into place by the wind. Clearly, the pyramid is an abstraction of positions, and not something that grows on plants or that is formed in water. Yet the cone is something that is found in nature.

When cutting through a cone, four geometrical plane curves can be found: the circle, the ellipse, the parabola and the hyperbola.

Though it is fairly close to being circular, our planet makes an elliptical tour around the sun. A comet may make a parabolic performance in the night sky. While we wouldn’t call our trek around the sun an actual thing, the ellipse delivers us a natural outcome nevertheless, one of the alignments found within the cone shape.

Where at the bases of the pyramid natural objects can be found, the cone shows us possible outcomes also occurring in nature, gravitational and collective in character.

— — -

In our universe, scientists recognize four fundamental forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear and the weak nuclear forces. Of these, the strong nuclear force binds protons and neutrons, while also holding quarks together. The weak nuclear force causes nuclear decay and deals with the interactive mechanisms between sub-atomic particles. Fortunately, we need not go into further detail to look at the big picture.

Scientists were able to find connections between the four forces, with as major exception the role that gravity plays. Using the pyramid as the model, the forces can get placed at the base of the pyramid; this will provide an easy understanding how gravity plays its specific role.

Though we have four forces and four bases at the foot of the pyramid, there is actually a distinction needed that turns four forces into five. The electromagnetic force, despite James Maxwell’s brilliant work, should be separated in both the electric and the magnetic forces.

Where we can place the strong and the weak nuclear forces in opposition to one another in the pyramid, the other transformative pair is formed by the electric and the magnetic forces. Like the word child can indicate either girl or boy, we need the specific separation of these two forces to better complete the pyramid.

In top position, gravity is found as the collective outcome of the four forces situated at the base of the pyramid. All four forces play their specific roles, and where blending together, they create the shape of the collective gravitational cone. To declare its unique character, we could call gravity the synergistic force. This has implications for how we can envision Black Holes, discussed in the next blog.

— — -

Imagine a family on board of a small vessel on the Pacific Ocean, sailing halfway between the mainland and Hawa’i; the size of the dinghy contrasts sharply to the size of the ocean. Good chance, family tensions will flare here and there on board despite everyone’s best intentions. The four natural forces are like the people on the boat, whereas gravity is the internally experienced connection that tells how well the family is doing.

Important to note, is that the family members on the boat are making a trip. They are sailing from Harbor A to Port B. While on board, no individual has much room to make a trip by him- or herself, yet collectively, they are on an enormous trip.

Instead of the boat sitting on the water, imagine a small ship floating through space. The bodies of the crew are bobbing around. There is simply not enough gravity to pull all members in one direction. A movement once instigated by one member gets completed when bumping into a wall or another crew member. Not until there is a significant amount of matter will gravity start to play its obvious role.

Four people on a boat, or a crew aboard a space ship, will experience flare ups of tension among them. Imagine quadrupling the number of people on board. Tensions that could flare up could potentially be far more intense. Yet, interestingly, the average person is calmer when many others are around, as if the gravitas of the situation is better understood. Each individual may suppress being reactionary to a volatile situation better; each individual is helping all to stay calm. No one wants to rock the boat.

The larger the amount of matter, the better the natural forces are at establishing a collective outcome. In combination, the natural forces declare a specific direction to all: gravity. To envision the force of gravity in the pyramid well, just flip the pyramid upside down and follow the lines of tension down with their one direction.

Let’s make this clear one more time: the smaller the amount of matter, it either needs to be denser for gravity to play its role, or gravity will run out of room and power to play that role. The top of the pyramid represents therefore two positions. It can point to the strong collective (1) that hangs above solid ground, or it can point to what is even further above: nothing (0). The top of the pyramid is finite, and points but does not extend into high heaven.

— — -

Though Earth is not a spaceship, we are floating around in space, part of the solar system, part of the Milky Way. We are on four different kinds of trips at the same time: the Earth spins in a day and it also revolves around the sun in a year. The Milky Way has its slow dance around its dead-center. Collectively, our home and the Milky Way are also heading in a single direction, away from the spot where in the Big Bang/Big Whisper the matter we live on, part of an entire galaxy of matter, materialized. Of all four trips, this movement away from the original spot has the fastest speed.

If gravity is like falling, then our earth is falling collectively away from that Moment Zero. The moon and sun, the solar system and the Milky Way are accompanying us on our specific trip. Let’s mention again that the angle of the zodiac is not based on the larger Milky Way setting.

Once an explanation is found, it can be astounding how simple it is, perhaps even to the point we would doubt its correctness. Keep in mind, therefore, that it was Einstein who predicted that once the Structure of Everything was known that even a three-year old could understand it. It should not come as a surprise that our rightfully worshiped scientists would ordinarily not stoop to that level. It should also not come as a surprise that others long before us envisioned a Structure for Everything in the shape of a pyramid as well.

— — -

In this blog collective gravity sits at the heart of every individually materialized thing. There are ways to escape the synergy, but only in small (or fast) ways. Gravity has a collective nature only and matter needs to be somewhat abundant in a specific place before gravity declares its one direction. Different movements can occur at the same time but not in oppositional or contradicting ways. For us, for our earth, the fastest direction is the ongoing movement away from Moment Zero in the original materialization process.

For an object, such as the earth, the positional outcome can be portrayed in a dual display. Symmetry can be considered for earth’s movement through space. Viewed from the moon, for instance, the movement of earth’s equator would be the most distinguishable feature, not North or South. Yet declaring the entire earth as being North only, with this position automatically pointing to a larger duality, can indeed be achieved by taking in a specific empty position. This image does not contain its opposite. Rather, the opposite can be declared in an other fully independent image. We can do this inside our brains.

— — -

Black holes are thought to exist at the center of galaxies, perhaps due to an overwhelming abundance of matter in that spot. Yet following the Structure of Everything as delivered in this blog series, there is an other option to consider what a Black Hole entails, somehow never declared by scientists. The question is two-fold. Does the tremendous level of gravity of a Black Hole require matter be present inside that spot? Or is this center of gravity the intrinsic outcome for an entire galactic collective and can therefore be without matter itself? This is discussed in the next blog.

— — -

This blog is part of the series The Big Picture — It’s Surprisingly Simple.

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6. Black Holes or Black Eyes?

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Delivery based on The Proof of Nothing, published by Penta Publishing (2000) and In Search of a Cyclops (2003), internet publication.

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