Great Products for Finding Startup Jobs

A curated list of the best websites for job searching in tech. Updated Feb 2018.

Chris Muir
Oct 12, 2016 · 5 min read

During the last few years, there’s been a veritable explosion of technology-focused recruiting products for engineers, product managers, designers, and other technologists. Below is an ongoing list of the more popular and effective products on the market. I’ve compiled this list from internal competitive research and feedback from hiring managers, recruiters, job seekers, and others in the recruiting world. (I run a hiring marketplace. More info on that role at the end of the post.)

Curated Marketplaces

With candidates on one side of the market and companies on the other, these products sit in the middle and charge companies for access (typically on a per hire, per introduction, or subscription basis).

  • A-List — Given AngelList’s access to candidates and companies, this product has the potential to be a leader in the space, but it’s still early. This is the company’s second or third iteration of a curated product.

Job Boards

These products charge companies for job posts that are presented to candidates in list format (typically with very little curation).

  • AngelList — Largest startup-focused community in the world with an extensive list of open jobs that span many cities. Easy to find interesting listings, harder to overcome the low signal-to-noise ratio and get in touch with a recruiter or hiring manager.

Job Search Engines

These products offer third-party job post aggregation and distribution and can be viewed as a “one stop shop” for job searches. I‘m not including individual summaries because, by and large, these products look, feel, and function the same way.

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About This List: My goal was not to document every recruiting product in the world, but instead to highlight those that we hear about the most and from which job seekers can benefit the most. With that in mind, I opted to focus on products that (a) have broad reach and validated industry traction, and (b) are primarily suited for full-time, U.S.-based job seekers.

Disclosure: My company operates two recruiting products: and Our work gives us some domain expertise, but it also presents a potential conflict of interest. We’ve attempted to remove bias from this post by combining our own analysis with feedback from recruiters, hiring managers, job seekers, and others in our industry.

Feedback: Did we mess up? Please email me and I’ll try to sort things out.

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