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Hacking Your New Career While Having Fun

“Say Yes! To New Adventures” — Laura Ramos

I was pondering the past 2 years and the shift that took place when I hit rock bottom in all areas of my life. Not only did I lose pretty much everything and ended up in the ER twice I began to think how I still had it in me to educate myself, gain skills and start a new career.

What to do? What to learn? How to start?

Are questions I’ve asked myself…

In around Thanksgiving of 2015 I ran into a personality test via facebook from a trusted Leader and clicked it because I was curious. It so happened I was pretty excited as it was aligned with who I was. I’ve tried Myer-Briggs tests as well and those tests have also been pretty accurate only difference there’s lots of information and I wanted something simple and to the point. (Let’s cut to the chase)

It was a hobby, not a career.

And that was okay because initially I was not planning on making a career out of it after all I was fairly doing good as a Harvard Certified Life Coach skyping clients. I worked from home and made a career online helping people unlock mindsets and overcome challenges with neuroscience techniques.

After reading what I’m like and how to captivate clients for my business I used what little information gained and applied it to my business. It really helped me and it worked!

I thought I was done well I thought wrong!

Being that I was also helping to passionately spread the word about these tests in social media and how it can help others I got fired-up and also joined a facebook group with people desiring to learn more and sharing wonderful stories of success and also others having questions. The author of the book was running the group. (Sally Hogshead)

Found out a new book was coming out and honestly I was not interested in purchasing the book. I didn’t think I’d have the time to read it and didn’t want to invest anymore time as I believed I had enough information to grow my little coaching business.

Boy was I wrong in thinking that way!

The reason I was not interested in purchasing the book was because I asked a couple of Entrepreneurs (lady bosses) in social media about fascination. And many have heard it before actually years ago and didn’t show much interest. I told them I must be living under a rock because I’ve never heard of fascination! They seemed bored, I was excited! Very different vibe however I didn’t let it stop me from pursuing in learning.

Again it wasn’t to make a career out of it.

Once I purchased the book I purchased all the books on fascination I can get my hands on and decided to master it. Today my life is very different. What started as a hobby and sharing tests in social media I’ve actually made it into a career. I’ve continued being a Life Coach and also coach fascination. Many say it’s difficult however I knew this was destiny as I grasped it really quick. In a year or so …

You know that feeling when you just know that you just know?

I’ve applied fascination to politics, social media, my coaching clients, my community etc… I give a ton of value and that has landed me major eyeballs through my blogs from presidents around the world, brands, Entrepreneurs, Hollywood and so on… I even landed my first paid film project with San Pedro Film Festival! (In my backyard!)

Unexpected Run-in with a Hollywood Trailer Called HogsBreath Coincidence? Odd?

To read more on this hollywood trailer when Hollywood was in my neighborhood click here

And for some weird reason I knew I’ve met with destiny the moment I seen this trailer.

My favorite platform is Twitter and I tweet value on there too!

This year I plan to level up by creating a landing page, website and a youtube channel specifically to gain leads to my coaching business. Of course I will give out tips, value and share storytelling to my viewers.

Recently ran into a millennial business owner which ran a business of cell phone covers and gadgets through Amazon and decided to open a brick and mortar in our city however he’s not doing well as he’s not getting much traffic. We all know by now we need social media to bring in traffic and believe he knows it too. I’d like to speak about his story in my upcoming videos and the importance of having both a brick and mortar and drive traffic through #socialmedia

Since we are now in 2018 and statistics show this year many will open their online businesses you may ask…

How can I start mine and what to create?

I can’t read minds however I can give you ideas… Check it out …

If you’re a passionate person, love food, love concerts and always speak of LOVE I suggest you create something that will connect you with your fans

If you’re into technology, space or just plain odd and love to shock people I suggest you create an app, learn more about virtual reality, attend technology events and socialize with professionals. Innovation is Entrepreneurship you may want to invest in cryptocurrencies or open a business via Amazon or teach online.

If you’re detailed and love algorithms perhaps you can become a financial planner for a company or run your own company helping others become more organized. Alert people are detailed and great at planning!

If you love high-lux fashion, expensive vehicles, love to achieve things perhaps you can create a business suited for high end clientele or celebrities. Prestigious companies are about elevation. The higher the better …

These are just some examples … of course there are more and just throwing ideas there. If you’d like to know more you can request a skype or facetime in my site.

Hope you’re having a great week and remember stay open-minded. Had I not been curious I would not be here today ❤

To Your Creativity!

Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista

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