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Hardcore digital detox – and why I don’t want any

While I’m hard core addicted to my smartphone

I very vocally advocate balanced use of digital technology

I have been fascinated by sci-fi, philosophy, and tech most of my life. It’s no coincidence my current station is that of content writer for one of the most innovative IT-consultancy companies in The Netherlands.

The need for digital detox

Distraction from what matters most

We are allowing our agency and our self-direction to be abducted. And this is not the first time in human history that we have, of course not — but the way digital technology facilitates distraction is certainly unprecedented.

Digital detox; offline Sunday

Inspired by other thinkers and writers – among them most notably Nir Eyal and Tristan Harris, I started thinking and writing my own thoughts about smart tech addiction. Some of them can be found here on Medium:

I am incredibly addicted to my phone

I have to – ashamedly – admit: I check my phone first thing in the morning. Because it’s practical. And I use it to play music or a mantra, under my pillow, when I go to bed.

Digital technology is like wallpaper

And it’s incredibly unpractical to not use wallpaper. Or wall paint. You get my drift.

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