Here’s a Simple Formula to Help You Publish a Story Everyday

A strategy that makes the writing process easy and simple.

Joshua Idegbere
Jan 15 · 4 min read
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You and I want to publish articles or stories on a regular basis. It’s a fact we can’t deny. One reason is the writer or blogger that publishes a story every day has an edge and advantage over those that don’t. This is because life rewards consistency with success and mastery.

However, consistent writing is one of the most difficult tasks there’s — even to those whose passion is writing.

Writing is a task and like every other, it is difficult. That’s why not everyone is a writer. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But writing is wishes — it’s hard work.

Anything more difficult than wishing is work and work is hard. Compared to wishing, writing is more difficult. That’s why even among those that write, only a few write and publish consistently.

If You Can Make the Writing Process Easy, You Will Be Consistent

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The secret to consistency is making a tedious process easy and simple. If you can make the difficult task of writing easy, you will be consistent. And others will think you are a superhuman or a born writer.

The truth is, those who publish a story or two regularly are not geniuses. They are normal humans just like you and I. The only difference is that they have found a way to make the difficult task of writing easy.

The secret of those writers that write consistently is this: they have found a way to make the work of writing, easy.

I used to think writers like Shannon Ashley and Shaunta Grimes, who publish a story every single day, were superhumans. Until I read in one of Shannon’s articles where she disclosed that she too experiences some difficulty writing.

The difference between the consistent and the rest is that those who are consistent have found a way to make a difficult process easy. And if you know how to make it easy, you too will seem a superhuman to other writers.

The Secret to Making the Difficult Easy is Doing Some Work in Advance.

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Shannon Ashley has some hundreds of uncompleted drafts in her folder. That’s why it’s easier for her to publish as frequently as one or two articles every day for so many months.

You see, the secret is not farfetched: she’s done some work in advance. And if you do the same, you will have similar results. You will publish a story on a regular basis.

Here’s my most recent strategy for making the writing process easy. If you have not found any yet, you can try mine:

Tell the story on the topic and subtopics. And then fill in the details later.

I have tried a few systems last year and only a few were close to my natural drift as a writer. But this one is better and easy to follow, and it works magic.

The advantage is that, If you can tell your story using your topic and subtopics, you have done the most difficult part of the writing process: knowing what you want to say and the point you want to make.

“The hardest part of writing is knowing what you want to say and the point you want to make.”

If you can do this, the rest becomes easy. All you have to do is fill in the details whenever you choose.

If you approach your writing this way, you will find it easy to write and publish your articles or stories on a consistent basis and as you wish.

There’s a little psychology why it works so well:

The mind finds it easier to build than to start from scratch.

Having given your story a structure using the topic and subtopics to tell the summary of the story, the rest task of completing the article becomes easier.

This summarised version then becomes a template for the rest of the article. Therefore, making it easy to fill in the details of the story and have a beautiful well-written piece.

You can try it in your next story.

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