Highlights from Stack Overflow annual Developer Survey 2018

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Did you know that the number of backend developers prevails over the number of frontend developers? And did you know that over 80% of developers say that they code as a hobby? More of interesting and significant numbers and facts are shown in Stack Overflow annual Developer Survey results for 2018…

I’ve found an interesting survey you should explore as a developer! It is provided by famous Stack Overflow and consists of statistics gathered with the help of more than 100,000 developers who responded 30-minute survey this January. They were answering the questions on everything from their favorite technologies to their job preferences. And I made some highlights for you.

Stack Overflow annual Developer Survey results for 2018


  1. Almost 60% of respondents identify as backend developers
  2. 56.4% of professional developers contribute to open source
  3. 24.8% of developers learned to code within the past five years
  4. Game/graphics developers and mobile developers have the fewest years of experience, ≤ 5 years
  5. 46.1% of professional developers have a bachelor’s degree
  6. 76.3% of developers participate in hackathons because they find it enjoyable
  7. 92.7% of respondents are male
  8. This is the first year Stack Overflow asked the respondents about their sexual orientation. 2.4% of them confessed being gay or lesbian.
  9. 8.5% of developers have mood or emotional disorder (ex. depression, bipolar disorder)
  10. Women have the highest representation as academics, QA developers, data scientists, and designers
  11. Developers are older (average age — 29) with more experience (average experience — 11.7 years) in Australia
  12. 52.7% of developers spend from 9 to 12 hours on a computer, and 37.4% of them don’t exercise!
  13. For the sixth year in a row, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language, for 69.8% of developers (HTML is in the second place)
  14. 48.3% of developers prefer Linux
  15. Rust is the most loved programming language for 78.9% of respondents
  16. Visual Studio Code is the most popular development environment for 34.9% of respondents
  17. 72.8% of developers are excited about AI
  18. 74.0% of professional developers are full-time employed
  19. 58.5% of respondents will refuse to write a code for an Unethical Purpose
  20. 85.4% of developers use Agile development methodology. Read about other development methodologies here
  21. 0.5% of respondents have never visited Stack Overflow before the survey day :)

Explore all the results here!

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