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Highlights from The Next Web and beyond

© Jolien Evaert | Story Chief
The Future Is Here
The Next Web
The Dome was hard to miss
The Next Web Amsterdam
Maurits Berger, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs
Westerpark swarm
The Next Web 2018
Transformatorhuis in session
Gashouder filled to the rafters
The Next Web
Nobody went hungry or thirsty
Regulations, Responsibilities, and Blockchains, oh my!
Part-Conference Part-Festival All-Good

1. Mike Rigby, VP and Executive Creative Director at R/GA


2. David Mattin, Global Head of Trends and Insights at Trendwatching

The Next Web Amsterdam
“Serve a core human need in a new way.”

Mattin says innovations derive from:

  1. Change (world innovation)
  2. Basic Needs
  3. Innovation itself
  4. Emerging expectations

3. Tricia Wang, Global Tech Ethnographer and Co-founder of Sudden Compass and Magpie Kingdom.

Tricia Wang of Sudden Compass | © Story Chief
  1. Big data had gotten us farther away from our customers. We’ve been expecting it to be a magical solution to help us understand our customers.
  2. That’s why we need thick data so we can understand the customer. (Thick data: Precious data from humans that captures their emotions and stories.)
  3. How do we best mathematically scale human models into reliable and meaningful data models?

4. Susan Lindner, Founder and CEO of Emerging Media

“The condom was the one cool piece of disruptive technology for prostitutes in Thailand.”

“You can’t be a hypocrite.”

5. David Goldberg, Co-founder and CEO of Founders Pledge

So how do you give to the best charities?

Conquering The Tower at The Next Web 2018

The Next Web Amsterdam
The Tower is all it’s 3-story glory
All-smiles pre-pitch
Ekaterina Kazakova of
The Next Web Conference
Valeri Potchekailov of
Evelien de Vries of Flickfeeder
Startup Pitch
Much thanks to The Next Web!

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