Hit 7 Figures In Sales With My “PASO” Framework

Think about the average web page, sales letter, ad or email:

  • It’s all about the business
  • It’s all about features
  • It’s boring and uninspiring

When I started as an entrepreneur in 2001, I had no idea how to craft compelling marketing messages that made people buy.

I did what most founders do — I copied what my competitors were doing!

I figured “hey, if they’re doing it, then it must be working!”.


I struggled to grow my first business to 7 figures for years — even though I had a GREAT product.

The problem with 99% of marketing is that it has nothing to do with the customer and everything to do with the business.

  • They sell features not benefits
  • They sell the process and not the outcome
  • They say “us” way more than “you”

If your marketing isn’t knocking it out of the park, then let me help you out.

Are you ready to learn how successful businesses run their marketing?

Want to create marketing that magnetizes prospects to buy from you almost effortlessly?


Great marketing starts and ends with my “PASO” framework.

  • P = Problem
  • A = Agitation
  • S = Social Proof
  • O = Outcome

Let’s break it down…

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