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How a Corporate World Lure you into your own Death

Walking and sleeping dead

‘Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75’ Benjamin Franklin

I totally get it. It’s true.

Death is an interesting topic to talk about. Most people say ‘you haven’t experienced death so how do you know what to feel’ Well, when I am dead I feel nothing. On a serious note though apart dying the other way to ‘experience’ death is see someone close die. That’s horrific. My father died pretty unexpectedly. I felt that one and it changed me.

The Dying

People talk about other people dying but they often forget their own death with which they live every day. In big cities such as London most people are asleep or dead walking through life. I was one of them. I had fallen into the bosom of the city life. I wanted the imaginary power over the projects. I wanted acknowledgement, power and recognition.

Working crazy hours which impacted my health for the sake of making a company money. What was it all for? I didn’t even think for one second what am I doing it all for? What is it all worth? Money make no sense. I spend it all on going out for dinners or drinks with the same people I work with.

The only entertainment to look forward to is the weekend going out and; then getting over the hangovers losing the days of my life where I can create and become something. George Monbiot says it pretty well in his article How corporate cult captures and destroys our best graduates

The Awaking

I was in that vicious circle until one day. It all stopped. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I went on a writers retreat in South Africa for about a month. What a change that was! I was suddenly awoke for a very first time in a long time. I couldn’t understand where my time went and what I did with it. It’s very hard to see a daylight in every day greyness.

Life is worth more than working for a company earning x amount and spending it all on things that don’t fulfil you. Today it’s sad to me to live for a holiday in a sun and going for dinners and drinks. That doesn’t fulfil me. It empties me out. It doesn’t make the world a better place either. How am I contributing to a better world by eating out all the time?

How am I contributing to the world if I am travelling to a luscious holiday in Italy? You see, most people live their lives working for the man and they think it’s ok. They’ve got a mortgage, kids private schools and summer holidays to pay. They don’t have anything else that’s all they live for. Isn’t it death? I am sure there’s more to life than working a 9–5 and paying bills!

Creating Something…?

I see the city booming with suited and booted people but they are all dead. It’s a sad sight. The better way of living is being awake to what’s around you. Not being depended on working for the man. Creating something of your own that brings value to the world. I know business is business so it can only bring that much of the value. However, it’s got to have some kind of meaning!

Otherwise why are you here? Our time on this earth is limited and what we are doing with it? You can always get money but you can never get your time back or your life back. This second that has just gone is finished. You will never get it back. What are you wasting your life on? Where are you going? Are you awake or dead? Life is more than dinners, drinks and summer holidays.

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