How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Cyber Security

With over 15% of the total enterprises leveraging AI, it has become a matter of great debate whether AI is good or bad. Though AI was originally coined in 1950, it has seen an exponential growth in the past few years and people are concerned about how is it going to affect the human life. Rumours are hovering all around regarding the aspects of Artificial Intelligence. From Sophia, the bot to Alexa has caught the eyes of people making them wonder how is this field going to turn around.

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The Effect of AI in Cyber Security- The Positive Side

Currently, AI has already entered fields like healthcare, manufacturing, education and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is the main concern for today’s digital world, there are still uncertainties about the impact of AI. Not just the corporates but also the government sectors are also trying to master AI and Machine Learning for the protection of data and creating more opportunities in the respective field.

With the advancements in AI, many companies have started to use it as a powerful weapon against the puissant cyber attacks and trespasses. AI allows you to automate the detection of threat and combat even without the involvement of the humans. Powering your data to stay more secure than ever. Since AI is totally machine language driven, it assures you complete error-free cyber-security services. Moreover, companies have also started to put more resources than ever for boosting AI driven technologies.

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To leverage AI to the fullest, collaborating it with the right security-intelligence personnel is necessary against all the types of attacks. Malware and virus attacks are common in the cyber world. Highly skilled hackers know how to trigger the right attacks, leaving the company’s cyber cell no clues about what happened. And here comes AI to rescue. AI let the defenders protect and stay strong even against the series of attacks.

The other area of cybersecurity that can be affected by AI is the password protection and authenticity detection systems. Since passwords are much vulnerable, AI is implemented a lot over this section. The term for such security systems is biometric logins. AI is being used for the detection of physical characteristics like fingerprints, retina scans, etc making the system more safe and secure than ever.

Other Side of AI- The Wrong One

But that is not all about AI and Cybersecurity.

As most of the features of AI are still uncovered, vulnerabilities also exist regarding its usage. It’s not only the white hat hackers who know how to put AI as an armour but there are even the black ones who are using it as their weapons.

The black hat people have also started to explore for how AI can be a panacea for them as well. That means that the people with the wrong intentions have also started to gain authority over AI, making them more powerful and skilled to get their things done. They have started to develop the hacks and methodologies in order to break against the cyber securities.

Although companies have specific cybersecurity cells still the sophisticated attackers somehow find their ways towards breaking the breaches.


As AI is adding values to the security sectors of the corporations and individuals as well, it is also spreading more power in the wrong hands. In order to give AI more authority in the near future for the security purposes, we need to stay sure that it stays with the white hat people only.

Though AI is still in the developing stage, there is a lot more to explore about it. With time we will be able to classify it as a boon or a bane.

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