How Blockchain Proves That Email Is Still a King

Sep 7, 2018 · 6 min read

“It’s old-school, come on”.

Triggmine, an email marketing automation service, welcomes you to consider how blockchain can be integrated to email and what aspects it could reform. And most importantly, why it matters.

People tried to forget email — and failed every time

The attempts to eliminate emails are not new.

So much for being gone. Source:

It doesn’t mean email will stay the same

Even though email is around for a long while now and it’s great as it is, it doesn’t mean that email can’t evolve further with time. It’s a natural process of development and it’s evident that email communication and marketing will change as well.

Blockchain offers a new perspective on email communication

Renovating Data Storing and Collection

Whoever told you the Internet is free, lied. Before we access so-called “free information”, we need to pass through multiple gatekeepers like browsers and ISPs.

The data is not stored on third-party servers but instead, remains with those who own it. Whenever users want to terminate the relationship with the sender, they take the data away.

This way, it’s easier for the senders because they don’t have to keep track on timely deleting of the information, and for receivers because it fully corresponds with their right to be forgotten.

Keeping it real

Emails are often blamed for being not trustworthy enough. This is definitely a wrong argument because every type of online communication stands the chance of being faked — and social media just proved it.

Turning tables in advertising

People like using emails but they don’t like receiving ads in their mailbox. Spam, direct ads, CPC-banners make it challenging to divide the messages that actually matter from the pile of garbage.

Way #1 — Creating better ads

We know that if well-done, advertising can annoy way less. How can companies create better ads if personalization is getting harder?

Way #2 — Making ads profitable for those who receive them

Yes, advertisers don’t have to be the one who profits from advertising. Those who receive ads can be compensated for viewing ads and interacting with them. On top of that, they can also decide what kind of ads that like to see on the screen or refuse to see banners altogether.

How to start?

If blockchain is something that you are willing to try in a foreseeable future, and today you are looking for an intelligent email marketing automation service with a perspective of the blockchain technology implementation — try Triggmine.

It will deliver state-of-the-art personified messages to your clients, and they will never want to leave. Also available on Shopify.


We think blockchain could be just the perfect solution. That’s also what led us to the development of the new email marketing automation tool — a blockchain and AI-based service that analyzes customer behavior and turns them to profitable promotional campaigns.

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