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How Chinese Tech Titan Chen Tianqiao Can Hack Into Our Better Future

Former gaming entrepreneur and Chinese billionaire Chen Tianqiao has started a new path in life after the stress of the high-tech lifestyle caused him to suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Thanks to his wife he found peace in Buddhism, and they have now dedicated themselves to unlocking the mysteries of the human mind. This power couple is focused on reducing suffering in the world, and increasing happiness and satisfaction in life.

This tough but incredible journey brought Mr. Tianqiao to seek answers to life’s most profound questions:

In the following we will answer these profound and most vital questions.

What is Consciousness?

We are a very lucky generation because we are the first to reveal all the secrets of the universe. The world’s foremost Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, (who has a Masters degree in bio cybernetics), provided an answer to this question in 2010:

Unlocking The Human Brain

What will we find inside the human brain? We will discover that we are all essentially wired in the exact same way — we were designed as selfish creatures who are mainly focused on advancing our own interests.

But humans are also wired for connection, we simply haven’t activated this vital aspect of our humanity yet, and it all depends on improving how we relate to one another.

Who Are We?

Some of the basic concepts from the wisdom of Kabbalah can explain the source of all our human actions and feelings.

  • We are all created with a ‘will to receive’ meaning that we were designed to take from the universe whatever we can get our hands on.
  • Nature is the exact opposite. Nature is giving and all about ‘bestowal’, which is unselfish concern for others, with no concern for the self.
  • Everything we enjoy through our ‘will to receive’ comes through our five senses.
  • Everything we receive through our ‘will to bestow’ comes through a sixth sense, that we develop independently. (This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on the Hebrew word ‘to receive’. Kabbalah is a method for systematically filling ourselves with light through a series of precise mathematical calculations.)

The entire purpose of human evolution is to get us to willingly transition from the path of self-concern, which is how we are programmed, to the path of concern for others. This is an extremely challenging path requiring super-human abilities that we acquire based on our efforts.

After thousands of years of development, humanity has reached a stage where we must begin activating the positive forces of nature to ensure our sustainability. This can only be achieved in a group that is fully aware of the negative elements in our psyche, and that is consciously focused on overriding the selfish human nature we were given.

Abraham was the first to discover the method of connection in ancient Babylon, and he gathered people to his tent and started teaching it. That group eventually became the people of Israel. The Jews have a spiritual mission to share the method of connection with the entire world, as an antidote to all the current ills of society.

So there is no mystery or grey matter. Kabbalists have been testing and developing the method for thousands of years until humanity would truly need it, and that time has come.

The problem is that we don’t see the big picture of how everything is interconnected in our world, how significantly enhancing human connections can impact every aspect of our life — economic, social, health and the environment.

Things like technology and Artificial Intelligence were provided to help us accelerate this vital process. We must begin using innovation for the next major shift and this will be a social shift where we will need to organize society in a far more sustainable manner.

What is Real and what is Virtual?

We are a very lucky generation because we are the first to have everything in place to access another dimension of our reality. We are the first generation to have access to the upper realms, which control everything that happens in our world. Everything in this world is intended to be used to discover this. But this is not the real world. It is just a reflection of what is going on inside of us.

We need to transition humanity from its virtual addictions to things like games and mindless content, to the addictive behavior of being concerned for others. We need to create an atmosphere in society where these values are rewarded above all others. This will not come naturally to us, but we can can create artificial conditions and incentives in society that will get us into the habit of rising above our selfish nature.

We are currently living in a world that rewards competition and trampling over others to get ahead. We see the results all around us — depression, suicide, substance abuse, disintegration of the family unit, and the list goes on and on.

Now more than ever we need to invest in educating people about how to connect with one another in a sustainable manner, meaning how to be better at the one thing we were put here on Earth to excel at — being human!

It is not by chance that we now have this incredible network so many people in the world can access from the palm of their hand. We can leverage the virtual connection between millions of people to raise awareness of the need to shift human relations in a positive direction, rather than waiting for nature to push us.

What we will create there together as equal citizens of the new world — that is real.

Social Entrepreneurs Increasing Positive Forces

There is a network we have to penetrate — or actually redesign — in order activate the positive forces in the world.

Jesse Bogner is a millennial author from New York, who was suffering from substance abuse and anxiety, and was lucky to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah through his father. After meeting Michael Laitman who encouraged him to write about his experiences, Jesse moved to Israel and wrote a book called, The Egotist.

Jesse gives Connection Workshops to young Americans on various programs here in Israel. The purpose of the workshops is to disconnect from our hectic life for a couple of hours, and experience receiving all the benefits of human connection. The special Connection Method that Israel must share with the world is the best means for positively impacting the world around us.

So to recap — if someone is feeling bad, suffering from depression, anxiety or feeling suicidal. All these bad feelings that so many people in the world are feeling all come from a lack of connection. We can fix this — together.

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