How Elon Musk’s Starlink Could Disrupt The Telecommunications Industry

Derick David
Jun 16, 2020 · 8 min read

Starlink, of SpaceX, is a satellite constellation project being developed by Elon Musk and team to give satellite Internet go-to access for people in any part of the world. The plan is to comprise thousands of mass-delivered little satellites in low Earth circle, orbit, working in mix with ground handheld devices, called Satellite dishes, and you will use these devices to connect directly to your iPhones and other devices. Elon Musk speaks about it as a grand Idea that could change the way we view and access the world around us.

Nowadays, how we connect to the internet is primitive. However, Starlink might just change that, in a big way. The global pandemic has shown us how much we rely on the internet and how much is needed to run our lives, to access knowledge, and to communicate to people distant from us.

So, allow me to state how can rise up to stardom, like a “rocket ship”, take over the world, and disrupt, yet, another future dying industry.

A Brave New World

Before we get to that point, just want to say something quickly. We’re on the verge of a new generation of a technological revolution. Most people don’t feel it yet, but it is happening. From AI, Robotics, and Cryptocurrency. Just imagine when Starlink works side by side with , Musk’s another tech company specializing in human-brain interfaces. OpenAI is another thing, whose mission is to create a super friendly AI. I’m really starting to think that Musk is really the greatest innovator of our lifetime. Maybe, even for a millennium. Kids will be hanging Elon’s face and his Tesla keynote dance in their bedroom walls. I mean, why not?

Where Is Starlink In The Process?

Starlink has been progressing at rocket speed. In , SpaceX propelled 60 additional satellites. This was the seventh clump propelled, and it brought the absolute number of satellites now in a circle to 422 (in the long run, they could number upwards of 42,000). Elon Musk has said that could start to turn out negligible web availability with 400 satellites, yet in any event, 800 will be expected to arrive at moderate inclusion. More satellite releases are booked, and the company could start as right on time as this year.

, SpaceX’s Starlink is trying to test a satellite called , which utilizes an obscured staged cluster and explanatory receiving wires to lessen brilliance by around 55%. Notwithstanding, satellites that are dull in the visual range can in any case sparkle splendidly in infrared. To counter this, SpaceX plans to add visor-like covers to its illustrative radio wires to diminish the measure of light they reflect. The organization plans to test the first model this month and says that by , every single future satellite will have a visor.

As the reports, researchers can’t state yet whether these measures will be completely successful, however, most appear to consider them to be a development.

, an educator at the University of Michigan, is cheerful that the progressions will make the satellites undetectable to the naked eye — a gigantic help to expert and beginner space experts, just as individuals who simply love looking at the night sky. “The great news is the means by which agreeable and how forceful SpaceX has been in attempting to fix this issue,”
Dr. Seitzer said. “It ought to be the standard for all future rocket development.”

Without the remedial measures, “would have been an essential change to our human experience of the night,” space expert Tyler Nordgren told the Times. “That shot may have been evaded.”

A Helping Hand

For Starlink to build its foundation, in space, it needs infrastructure. Starlink’s main backbone is its satellites and they will act as sources for the wireless communication system to provide broadband , directly to us on . From the surface, it seems like another Sci-Fi movie, but that’s what Elon Musk does, transforming fantasy to reality. Making the unthinkable, thinkable.

One of their alleged partners is a high-end satellite and video communications company based in Florida, . Based on research, the company provides technology that Starlink might just exactly need. Nothing is confirmed at the moment, however, this may not be the only reason or Starlink is related to Vislink. Just a few weeks ago, a photo surfaced online of the Vislink logo being seen on a live-stream of the official SpaceX launch event.

Credit to the owner

In addition, SpaceX appears to conduct a lot of its operations including testing and launching in Florida, the same state where Vislink is headquartered. This can be nothing or something, but they are possible signs of correlation between the two companies.

How Starlink Will Take Part Of Us

SpaceX has the permission to fly 12,000 satellites into the low-orbit and Musks hopes for more than 30,000 in a distant future. Starlink’s plan is happening before our eyes and we are most likely witnessing another important event in the history of mankind. Starlink is a game-changer and some people just don’t know it yet.

The main go-to advantage of why we’ll be using Starlink is the easy and fast access to the internet from wherever we are in the world. Imagine being on a beach in the Philippines and havinginternet connection or chilling under a Palapa in Uganda, while watching your favorite Netflix show with no interruptions. How amazing will that be? Third world countries, where internet communication is found to be unstable and unreliable, will be the obvious beneficiary of Starlink. Think of the possibilities. If that happens, telecommunication companies will be at risk.

, Musk has said that Starlink’s main target is the rural areas with low-level connections, however, once it has settled and dominated the rural market, it can highly consider the urban market. I mean, why the hell not? Starlink’s infrastructure and model allows it to do so. Starlink can easily scale and expand effectively and efficiently in the future, without any additional hard work.

Every business that has disrupted a business model before them never admittedly said that they’re going to disrupt it. It’s only until they do that you will start realizing they’ve done it already.

Major Disruption Alert

Every industry Elon Musk touches gets the risk of being disrupted. Tesla has done for the electric car market and The Boring Company is doing for Tunneling Real Estate Market. SpaceX has basically demonstrated a monopoly already on Space-travel and Cheap Rocket launches. Now, Starlink can do it for the old telecom industry too. It seems like all of Musk’s companies are predestined to take over an industry they came into.

Screenshot from a Photo by CBInsights

In February of 2020, an article by spoke about the possibility of an of the Starlink side of SpaceX. In this article, the author, , also mentioned,

“On that latter point, Starlink faces competition from legacy providers like Comcast, which is building out higher-bandwidth networks for customers. And for rural areas or emerging markets that are harder to reach, legacy mobile internet providers are making a huge push to build out new infrastructure for 5G data services.”

Also being said by Knapp,

“Verizon and AT&T are spending quite a bit of money, buying millions of feet of cable over the last two to three years reinforcing fiber infrastructure, because if they don’t fill the void, LEO will come in to compete,” says Shrihari Pandit, CEO of internet service provider Stealth Communications.

Think about it today. A huge amount of people subscribe to a phone service provider, like Verizon, mostly for internet purposes. If they have to call someone, they use , , or , you know it. Regardless of whether you are a millennial or not, the future of communications will be based on this ecosystem. If people start becoming more aware of and Starlink starts getting more critical mass attention, people won’t even think of Verizon, Sprint, AT&T anymore. Reasons can be is that it’s , , and factors that convince people to buy. Starlink can disrupt telecommunications, but a whole industry is at stake, but maybe, it’s the price of innovation.

Falcon Rockets launching satellites into Earth’s orbit. Photo courtesy of CNET

, according to TechCrunch, SpaceX could qualify for a new federal funding, if Starlink could prove and demonstrate a low-latency broadband network system. Meaning, less lagging and interruptions. Musk has already expressed that Starlink satellites can achieve it already. If that’s the case, then it only matters time Elon secures another billion-dollar funding for SpaceX.

Next read: The Perfect Scenario

Imagine wandering the Sahara desert on a weekend trip and suddenly, you feel the urge to capture the moment. So, you pick up your iPhone and take a panoramic picture. Then, imagine sharing that same picture to your friends, to your family, right in that exact moment. Your family decides to FaceTime you and you talk to them for an entire hour while blindly walking around the Sahara desert, drenching in sweat. That’s what it’s like to be Starlink connected. There are no limits to what Starlink can do. Online, wherever you go.

isn’t just a widespread broadband internet communications system, Starlink is a whole new way of living.

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Derick David

Written by

10x Top Writer on Innovation, Technology, and Startups with 500,000+ views and counting.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +794K followers.

Derick David

Written by

10x Top Writer on Innovation, Technology, and Startups with 500,000+ views and counting.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +794K followers.

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