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How Ethical Is the Future of AI Healthcare?

When informed consent, artificial intelligence and bioethics hold a complex conversation.

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But what is bioethics?

Fun fact: the first heart transplant was performed in Christiaan Barnard in ’67. Though he died 18 days later, the surgery was considered a success and led to the development of respirators.

Process: fact deliberation, value deliberation, duty deliberation, testing consistency, then conclusion
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What about human experimentation?

3 models: straightforward application is utilitarian, where you make the best decision for all, car-mechanic model & medical
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The main question here is: is it ethical to donate her organs for transplant to save other children, while causing her immediate death?

Or is it unethical to kill in order to save?

Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, and the Ethical Dilemma

Balancing the risks and benefits

If physicians themselves don’t completely know how to explain AI’s predictions and errors to their patients, how does this impact the informed consent process in healthcare?



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