How Great Software Developers Work?

vikram kuruguntla
Dec 9, 2020 · 6 min read
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I have worked with great software developers for years together now. One thing I always found challenging was to bring college graduates up to speed about what it means to be a great software developer, how to go about thinking and working like one. Probably many graduates might also face this problem have asked themselves the same question. This is my attempt to put at explaining how great Software Developers work and think.

Write Readable Code

One of the primary goals of this is to minimize the bugs. Readable code is easy to understand, relatively easy to test, and easy to review.

The secondary goal is to make it easy for other software developers to maintain and enhance the code over time.

Thoroughly Test One’s Code

Why give so much importance to unit tests?

Great developers tend to refactor(change code without altering the functionality) their own code several times before they are fully done. In order to make this refactoring process easy they always write unit tests.

They know that unit tests play an important role in keeping the code healthy in long run. They help in enhancing the code or refactoring the code at a later point in time. Unit tests act as a safety net.

In general, writing unit tests for readable code is easier compare to complex code. If they feel that writing unit tests is becoming harder, they immediately go back to the code and refactor it to improve the code readability.

Writing unit tests help in many ways. That’s why great developers give high importance to writing unit tests.

Apply Best Practices in the Context

Whatever they generally do they try to follow the best practices which apply in that context. But need not necessarily they are master of all those best practices.

Focus More on Error Scenarios

Feels Like Something Missed Out When They See Their Code Next Time

Even if they feel it is the best state to leave the code in, when they see their code after a few days, they will find something is missing and find places to improve in the previous version of their code.

The main objective involved here is continuous improvement.

Takes Up Challenges for the Betterment of Code

By seeing it, you know that it’s a complicated process. The best developers always take up these challenges for the betterment of code in the future.

Skill Improvement is a Continuous Process

This thrives to become best, motivates them to explore, learn from others continuously.

Takes the Peer Review and Feedback on Code

Do Not Take Any Action Those Impact the Project

Best developers generally keep away from this sort of behavior. They know the importance of code and projects. They don’t take any action knowingly those impacts the project in long term.

Learn Domain

Do Not Get Influenced by External Forces

Best developers do not get influenced by all these external factors and they do not compromise on quality. They do aware of when to refactor and when not to refactor. They try to convince and educate the people about the importance of producing enhanceable code. This is particularly not an easy task though.

Learn From the Mistakes

They Are Faster

Great developers always try to follow best practices, they are good at fundamentals and they strict with principles. They are mostly ready with all the tools required to avoid running into the problems mentioned above. This makes them a lot faster.

They also take advantage of tools around them to make themselves faster. Like leveraging shortcut keys in IDE to speed up the work.

They do not rely on manual processes. They always try to automate everything if they have performed the same task manually a few times.

Final Thoughts

The meaning of best developer itself is really perception. But I tried my best to put the things related to the best developer.

Thanks for reading my article. Please do comment and share your feedback.

I will write another blog on how to become the best developer ….

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